Wednesday, December 05, 2007

488 - Dr. Visit

My oh my I am sooooooooooo late this morning. Thank you for your prayers and comments and emails. I just wanted to let you know very quickly about the visit. I have to say I did not find out a whole lot. I am taking the thyroid medicine to help correct that. She has taken me off the "pill" to see if my body will regulate itself. Since I am no longer in pain she thinks that it will all go back itself. So I am going back for another ultrasound in January to see if it has decreased or even gotten bigger. Her gut was telling her that all would be fine in a month.

I really liked this doctor and did trust her very much! I am not crazy about the wait and see kind of action, but she knows best, I trust!

Once again, thank you for your prayers and I will keep you updated if you care to know. Thanks for caring!! It just about overwhelms me that you all remember to ask and are so kind to pray!!! Wow - I am blessed!


Fran said...

Always praying for you...I hope you have peace right now and at least until the next Dr's appt! :)

Have a wonderful day Leigh!

Nicki said...

Oh that's good!! Thanks for updating us!! =)

Shonda said...

Hey Leigh,
I'm praying for you. I pray that this health issue is resolved. I'm going through some hormone female stuff too. I see the doctor next Tuesday.

Regarding yesterday's post, though we have never met in real life, I consider you a friend. I too deal with these type of situations and I felt the Lord whispered in my spirit a couple of weeks ago this, "Everybody doesnt have to act like your best friend." It has helped me alot!It is wonderful though to have those close friends like you have with Lisa.

Blessings in Christ--

Leah in Iowa said...

I don't always comment, but I always read. =) Hopefully by taking the doctor's advice, things will turn out as she anticipates. Still praying for you!

Merry Christmas,

~ Leah

Valarie said...

Take it from me girl, your thyroid can do some pretty CRAZY things to your body! Will keep praying!
Love ya.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I'll keep praying!


Leigh Gray said...

Fran - thank you dear - you are so kind!!! Please let me know how I can pray for you!! love, Leigh

Leigh Gray said...

Shonda - what a awesome revelation. Yes, I can so relate to want or feeling like I need to be everyone's best friend.......... even if they don't want to be mine. Isn't that funny we are like that or I AM like that!!

Thank you for your kind words and I do consider you a friend!! Let me know how Tuesday goes!!

Love, Leigh

Leigh Gray said...

Hey Leah - I don't know if I am suppose to say thank you for reading or not.......know what I mean. I apprecaite your sweet words and prayers. Man, what did i do before the internet???

Love, Leigh

Leigh Gray said...

Valarie - and you don't need no more crazy things in your body................. hee hee!!!

love you to pieces!!

Leigh Gray said...

Stephanie - you are a person that I wish I could just come and sit for hours with. When I see your comments run across the page I just get such a calming sense. Thank you for being that in my life - a vessel full of encouragement and peace!!!

love, Leigh

Heather said...

Praying for you! glad the pain has gone away!.

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Leigh...thanks so much for updating. I was checking your blog periodically yesterday for some news to check on you. I'm so glad you're no longer in pain. I know the waiting thing is tough. I'll pray. :-)