Tuesday, December 04, 2007

487 - Friends are Friends Forever IF............

Lord Jesus, today is the day I hope many things are answered. I go to the gyno and get to talk with her at length. I still have the same symptoms and issues, etc. I did get back some blood work to find that my thyroid is off and will be starting meds for that ASAP. She also mentioned that one of my ovarian hormones was off too - but not too worry. So we shall see. The doctors and PA taking care of me have been wonderful!!! I can't believe this is the same person I had a sticker store with in Massena, NY when we were in 5th or 6th grade.

This PA is named Lisa Rauscher. I hope she will not mind me talking about her today. The Lord lead me to a verse today and made me think of Lisa. Proverbs 27:6 "Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses." Lord Jesus, you know that Lisa has been a far greater friend to me than I have ever been to her. She never forgets birthdays, anniversaries, kids birthdays, etc. She can remember exact sentences I said to her from years ago and even quote them in the sarcastic way I probably said them. Lisa is the best example of a friend I have ever known. We are now just 1 hour apart with jobs, husbands, and 6 kids between us. So yes, it is very difficult to get together, but I cherish her friendship in my heart...forever!

Lord, it could be confused that I am saying Lisa's wounds can be trusted... Oh No- I mean, that I can not think of one time that Lisa ever hurt my feelings or wounded me. I guess she may have a time or two when things maybe didn't go my way, but see it wasn't her fault anyway. But wounds of friend can be trusted. I know there have been many times that I have hurt Lisa's feelings. But i can honestly say this is one girl that does know my heart. I think we cliche that thought often - "oh she knows my heart", but do they? Lisa does!! She knows the friend I long to be, but so often fall short. What a friend I have in Lisa.................Jesus thank you for your friendship as well. It is only because of you that I have kept my friendship with Lisa - she is filled with you and filled with forgiveness.

Living in Charlotte for 12 years - I have never lived anywhere longer - friendship were oh so special by the time I left. I felt like quite a few knew my heart, but then again did they really? As I grow up friendships seems to get more and more precious to me. I am less able to just let go and know that another friend will be coming around the corner. Friendships take so much work, but oh so worth it.

The strangest thing has happened since leaving Charlotte. It has happened every time I have moved. If you have never moved you will have no clue what I tam talking about... I knew it would, but I can never figure it out. Those that I talked with daily or consistently are the ones that I seem to have lost contact with. But those that I didn't talk with much at all seem to be the ones I feel the closest with now.................is something wrong with me??? A couple of friends I have tried and tried to stay in contact with, etc., but just don't hear from much. I notice they do comment on other blogs, but never come by to say much to me - I am not sure about that. Not sure what to think. Yes, it saddens my heart and causes me to pull back to, but at what point do you continue to push? I can honestly say I do know their heart. The wounds can be trusted.

Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them - oh so true. I know that if i go home to Charlotte I could call up these girls, meet for lunch, and it would be as if we never skipped a beat. Life is oh so busy and i see Him calling me to be still. And I know that I am not the greatest of a friend - at least I am not half as good as Lisa has shown to me all my life. Wounds from friends that can be trusted should not cause me to pull back - I should plunge forward to make right or love anyway. Lord God, help me to be a better friend. Help me to not get feelings hurt or feel discouraged. All the many, many wounds I have inflicted on friends - oh Lord Jesus, may they know it can be trusted. I would never want to hurt someone on purpose, but I get fleshy and it happens. Help them to forgive me. I hate when it happens and I don't know it - oh that is a doosey! Lord, help me to love even when i don't feel loved. Help me to pray for those that I say I love. Help me to know when to hold off and just wait for the perfect time to contact instead of forcing it. Help me to be a friend that others want to miss. Help me to be trustworthy!! Lisa is a great friend, but You are a perfect friend. Jesus thank you for never holding me back. Thank you for initiating conversation. Thank you for forgiving me so often. Thank you for trusting me at times. Thank you for your faithfulness and never abandoning me! Thank you for being there when I need it the most - and making yourself known to me. Lord, as always you have been so wonderfully awesome in the friends you have provided for me here in Illinois. I could start naming names and tell why I love them, but then I would get in trouble because i just might forget just one!!! But they know my heart - ha ha - there goes that phrase again. Help me be a better friend!!! That might be my new year's resolution!

Lord, off to have a great day and get some answers!! I praise you, Lord. I trust you!!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Praise the Lord for those girlfriends who are like Lisa.

Everyone needs one or two like her!

Praying for your Dr. visit today.


A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Praise God for revealing a cyst so that you could know about the other stuff. I believe He's in all of this, Leigh.

Also, it is so interesting what you said before about taking medicine to make it dissolve. I have had 3 cysts before and no one EVER mentioned that option to me. They've always gone right in and taken them out (but mine were never painful). Gee...I don't know if I should feel cheated about that or grateful. :-)

Valarie said...

Let me know what the Dr. says!

Stop being so hard on yourself girl! You're a good friend Leigh and time or distance has little to do with that! I love ya girl!!

Fran said...

WOW! What a great word my friend.
Friendships are interesting aren't they? Slow down, be still, and deepen relationships what I feel the Lord telling me these days.

Our relationships are what matters.
Whether far or near...our heart says a lot about them.

let us know how the Dr appt. went.
Always praying for you~

Tisha said...

Leigh - I hope you know how much you are missed! I still remember the day I pulled out of your driveway after having a pizza lunch right before you left to take the kids to Nashville, so you could finish up closing up the house. It was a very sad day for me. We had gotten so much closer and then the Lord took you away.

I hope you know I check your blog everyday, even if I don't always comment. It is my connection to you!

Things are so busy, but that is not an excuse to not reach out to a friend.

I hope you doctor's appt was o.k. Please keep me updated.

Love you!!

Leigh Gray said...

Thank you Valarie - thank you!!!

Leigh Gray said...

Tisha - that day is etched in my mind as well - never forget it!! I am so thankful for our reuniting the last couple of months. I am thankful for being able to ride with the girls to school each day - or whatever our schedule was...

Tish, you don't have to comment - not ever. I know you truly know my heart. I think you ahve seen it come full circle many times. I knwo you understand my passions and how it is expressed. I thank you for your support and love. You truly are a friend that will never end!!! I am still waiting for you all to come see me. Take a road trip with the girls - we could go to St. Louis and see the Arch or is it the Arc?? hee hee

I love you girl - don't YOU ever doubt that!! Thank you for being my friend!!