Friday, December 14, 2007

496 - Bless the Lord

The Psalms say, "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me Bless His holy name." That is my heart this morning. I feel the blessings of the Lord falling down on me and I just want to sit and give it all back. I feel so wonderfully blessed and happy. My feet are barely touching the floor just because I can feel His breath and approval around me at this time. I usually do not want to say anything when I am this way in fear of making another feel left out if they are not "feeling" such love and approval - for whatever reason - at this time, but I can not hide it today. I don't mean I try to hide my blessings, but at times I do think it is appropriate to share them with just a select few. I am constantly reminded of the story when Joseph tells his brothers about his dream of them bowing to him one day - and he happens to be standing there in his special coat of many colors that his father made him since he was the beloved son! Not a good time to be sharing about the blessed feelings he was experiencing to his older brothers!

I had a great purse selling day yesterday - at the school was incredible and at Rachel's was not so good. Maybe we got a bit too late in the season to have a party. But we didn't have that many show up. Who knows - it is different every time! It was awesome as usual to sit around and be with their family. Incredible people. I love them more and more the more I am with them all. Yesterday was so wonderful getting to meet all the school teachers - this is where Sarahjane will go to school. As i was leaving that afternoon the secretary called me into her office and lo' and behold they were on my blog - looking at purses, nevertheless on my blog. It absolutely blows me away the extent God goes to reach people with this thing. And while I was there yesterday another school in that area called me to come by and set up for them on Wednesday. Thank you Father - Thank you Jesus!!

More than anything I think there is just a quieting of my spirit and restfulness in my heart. My ministry partner and I are really feeling the leading on a particular area of ministry and just can hardly wait to expose everything. It is so exciting. It is all about walking in obedience!! I think that can explain the feeling i have of walking on air right now. We are taking a plunge into deep faith and it is so incredibly exciting I just can not stand it!! I can not believe God would trust me enough or have faith in me enough to ask such things, but He is. I am just blown away and so excited!! Freedom is the best word I know to describe everything. And with that freedom comes laughter and joy............. oh my word - such joy. To the world and to many Christians it will be complete and utter craziness, but we are so sure and confident of His leading!!

Our ministry website is just about up and running. The awesome guys at have given us our first preview of the template. We loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few changes here and there, but awesome!!!!!!! If you are looking for a website to do anything this is the place to go. All that they are able to offer would cost you at another place, thousands of dollars. I am not kidding. But they are like the wal-mart, supercenter kind of place, of website instrumentation!! and are able to offer things at a very discounted rate. Let me know if you have any questions.

I am coming up on 500th entry of blogging!! Wow - what an incredible thing. What should i do - any suggestions??????? Please tell me. I would have never dreamed I would have stayed with it this long. Thank you Father!! It has given huge amount of accountability and consistency in my quiet time. I think over the holiday break I will break too! I need to spend the times in the quiet morning having my Jesus time and then writing the messages for the next series I will use in January at Wisconsin, Tennessee, and ALASKA..................... I still can not get over that I am going there!!

Oh Lord - again bless you!! My heart is so full and excited. Thank you for these times right now. Thank you for the celebration and quietening of my spirit! Thank you for Christmas and holidays. Thank you for the guys working so hard on the house. I know we are going to experience another lull soon due to the holidays, but may they come back and get after it!! Thank you Lord. Protect Clay as he travels home this morning! Thank you for his confidence in me and his support of the ministry! I love you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless YOU Lord!!!


Abby said...

girl, you go with your blogging self!!! i can't believe you're almost at 500!! i am barely at 50!! i need to get to work!!

but seriously, i don't always get to comment, but every day i come here is a blessing to read your heart and what the Lord is teaching you! keep it up for us youngins that need you good role-model-spiritual mamas (not that you're old enough to be my mom) to keep us in line! :)

Lindsee said...

SO excited for you! I can hear the joy in your voice (or writing!!) Can't wait to hear what the Lord is doing!!! Much love to you today!!