Wednesday, December 19, 2007

499 - Tag, You're It!

"Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise." Prov. 19:21

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you so ready for Christmas break. I know how tired the kids are getting up early and I am tired of rushing here and there to get them everywhere. I know the break we will still have many things to do and places to go, but at least there won't be the rush to get to bed and then get up again! The morning comes so fast!

Jesus, I got to thinking about different situations You have allowed to come my way in life, both the good and the bad. Most of the time there was no real warning. I would wake up one day and expect things to be the same and then boom - it happened...whatever that may be. It was like - Tag, you're it or like the lights just got turned toward me and the director said, "Camera!" It happens to everyone, but we just never know when.

As i sit in my AWESOME Sunday School class i am thinking... are we taking what we are learning and applying? It is good and all to discuss the scripture and to ponder God's greatness, but when we walk out of the church and get tagged how is the reaction or response? Do we know how to really live or walk through it? I wonder so often about blogland. Do all these women seek You daily or are they seeking friendship and acceptance? Friendship is fine and great too, but not if it is replacing You. Are we seeking a certain number of comments or is it something else? There are certain days, i confess, when I get no comments i begin to wonder if maybe I didn't write well enough or didn't make any sense. Now how crazy is that of me to think that - FOR ME, this blogging thing is a prayer so i shouldn't be concerned what anyone says or comments. When the director says "action" do we know how to walk it out? Blogging is a good and wonderful thing - I would probably not be so consistent in my quiet time if it weren't for blogging - but even after we walk away from the computer, get up from our prayer time, walk away from our scripture reading - are we changed, any more wise, strengthen faith, etc??

My church has a group that meets once a week called the Application group. That means they take the sermon from that Sunday and go through it and talk about nothing but applying it to our lives. How cool is that!! I have not been to one of the times they meet, but I think I would really enjoy it. I have a few friends that are having to get up from their times with You, per say, and walk in a new game. Some of the situations I can not discuss, but they have been "tagged". One of my best friends, Ginger in Charlotte, got a phone call the other day at work only to find out that her house had been broken into and all her Christmas taken. Her house was completely ransacked and destroyed. She woke up that morning thinking it was going to be the same old day as normal and then boom, she got tagged. I talked with her for almost an hour yesterday and she is incredible. "Leigh, you know we can replace all that. It could have been so much worse. I hate that those guys have probably ruined their lives if caught. People, the church, has been so good to us and generous. The Lord is awesome!" Those were her words to me!

The verse above says listen to advice and accept instruction - that is life. We are going through it waiting to be tagged, good or bad. While we are waiting for the Director to say, "action", we have to be listening to the advice of the Holy Spirit, wise friends and loved ones, and sermons, etc. We must accept the instruction from the Lord and obey. We have to walk in it and through it!! It is the only way we will be wise. While it seems like we may not be internalizing much from the classes, the Bible studies, the sermons, and even quiet times, etc. you will know when you have been tagged.

Lord, I trust and believe that Your Word does not return void. I thank you for waking me each day to sit at your feet and learn. I want to hear your advice and instruction! I want to heed your direction. Lord, I so want to be wise!! Jesus, my friends that are going through different stuff right now, comfort them, give them instruction and advice, and Lord let your peace reign in their lives right now. I believe Father. I love you!!


Lisa said...

Hi Leigh!
I appreciate the maturity I hear coming from this blog from you. What you talked about is exactly why it took me so long to start a blog...I was so reluctant to do it because I didn't ever want to be a reason that people don't spend time with Jesus, and blogging can become an addiction like anything else. I have to check myself from time and time and make sure what I'm blogging about is not all about me, but about Him in some way. Satan is sneaky and can and will use every positive tool for his evil use. I had to reconcile in my mind WHO I was blogging for. I know people have different purposes in blogging, and that's ok...but I try to always point people to Him, even in the small things I talk about. He's what all of this is about, anyway!
Great reminder...
Lisa :)

Fran said...

That was soooo good Leigh. I love the idea of being tagged and knowing you have been tagged and then how do you apply it?!

God is in all the stuff we do and regardless of it being good or not so good....we've been tagged. May we be humble, gracious, honest, and filled with Him through everything!!!

Blessings over you today my friend~

Valarie said...

Girl, the Lord was layin' it on us both today, wasn't He? GOOD STUFF!

Have a great day and use it sista!
Love ya.