Thursday, December 20, 2007

500 - "When Praise Demands a Sacrifice!!!!!!!!!"

Lord Jesus - I am here, the 500th post. I have thought of many cool things to do on this particular "day", but nothing seems appropriate except just talking with you. In honor of the 500th post, I read Psalm 50 today and just loved it. Father, you are it - you are awesome - you control all things - you expect all things - you are command all things - you are in all things and hold all things together.

Lord, I praise you for your righteousness and for being the perfect judge. I am so thankful that you just speak and things happen. I praise you for the omnipotent power you posses. I thank you for being so clear on what you expect out of our lives!! I thank you for the forgiveness you offer to all people and generations. In my life I am so thankful for your redemptive nature!! You have brought me back to life so many times. I praise you - whatever it takes!

"He who offers thank offerings honors me" Ps. 50:23a From what I understand this thank offering right here in this scripture is talking about praise that demands a sacrifice. Oh Lord, Your Word - what power and authority it holds - thank you! But what does this scripture mean for my life, Lord? Reveal it to me, please.

Lord, I pray my life does bring you honor and praise. I want to be honoring in all that I do. I want to lead women to honor you with their lives. I want to bring others close to you. I know the way to do that is by first being honoring myself and consistent in my time with you. I want to praise you even though it may cost everything! I want to stand up in the midst of trials and shout out your fame. I want to know you and live out true believing!!! I want to know you.

Jesus, forgive me of my sin. You know me so well and know the things in my life that i should long ago gotten over. You know those things in my life that I just can not seem to let go of. Lord, thank you for loving me just the same! Lord, thank you for seeing the scared woman that I am at times and helping me to rise above all that. Thank you for blessing me for my true intentions. Even though I have moments where I do not act very becomingly you know my deepest desire and heart intentions!! Based on that you bestow so many things unto me. Wow - that is a cool, cool, concept!!

Savior, please speak to me today showing the sacrifice that you are demanding out of my life that will speak praise to you! Lord, open my heart to whatever it may be. Maybe more than anything you are confirming the no speaker fee commitment you have asked of Ginger and I! I pray that sacrifice is just praise you each and every time we get up in Your Name to proclaim Your greatness!! I can not believe the power of the blogland. I have 2 ladies already contact me about applying for our speaker team. Lord, may i always use this avenue to bring glory and honor to you! Lord, I love you with all my heart. I want to have a greater joy about my relationship with You. I beg you to show me my faults and wrong ways so that I can get it right with you. I thank you for your gentleness and mercy. Lord, I will see in the days ahead and ask that you pour out Your words for all my upcoming events!! Happy Birthday Jesus!


Anonymous said...

My, my, my...

This post reminded me of a very old song by Larnelle of my favorites...

"When praise demands a sacrifice, I’ll worship even then, surrendering the dearest things in life and if devotion costs me all
He'll find me faithful to His call...
When praise demands a sacrifice"

Bless you, sweet friend, on your
500th post!!


Leigh Gray said...

hey Dori - funny thing is that I thought it was Travis' song........ it is on the Patriarch's CD and so I just assumed.... I love Larnell!! what a man!!

thanks for the clue in!!

Hve a wonderful day and thanks for the support on your blog!!

Shonda said...

Hey Leigh,
Wow 500 posts! I trust the Lord has wonderful things for you. Let's keep seeking Him and His ways!! I enjoy reading your blog.
Blessings in Christ--

Leigh Gray said...

Shonda - thanks girlie!! you are too sweet! I wish i got to read more blogs more often... hey - we have our speaker application ready if you are interested in applying!!

thanks and Merry Christmas!

Fran said...

Congrats and yeah for you and the marvelous things God continues to do in your daily life! Praise Him always, Love Him deeply, Seek Him with all your heart!!


Nicki said...

Happy 500th post!!! WOW!! That's just awesome!

ps- I got your card yesterday, I loved the picture!! =) Thank you!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Happy 500th post!!! Your words challenge, encourage and push me a little farther into the Father's lap. Thank you. :)

Have a blessed Christmas!

Love you!

Lindsee said...

Happy 500th post and Merry Christmas!!! I hope this holiday treats you well. And, have I ever told you how unique your blog is?! Well, it is, and I love it. You are honoring Him and it is very evident!

Much love to you this holiday!