Wednesday, December 26, 2007

502 - We are up and running!!!

Well, the website for Speaking Thru Me Ministries is up and running, but under construction... I am not sure when it will be constructed. This has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do in my life......................And I never want to do it again!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will I ever have help one day??? Oh Lord, please - send help!!

Well, go check it out.................

Let me know your thoughts!! Not that I know how to change anything!

Christmas good? - awesome here!


Kate said...

Christmas was AWESOME! It always is. :)

Merry Merry Christmas to ya...a little late.

Will check our your site tomorrow...must sleep now.

luv ya

Leigh Gray said...

Hey Kate - great to hear from you. What about your website for your business?? Is it up and running yet?? Or it could be like mine, up, but not running.

I am hoping and believing for graet things for your 2008!! I will be praying for you and praying He speaks clearer than ever. I pray your dreams begin to match up with His purposes and plans and things began to really get up and running!!! Oh Girl - what an awesome God we serve. Please be praying for me. I need to hear God and just am having a real hard time right now. Love you friend!!

Anonymous said...

How can I help you, my dear??? :) You know you only have to say the word and I will do it!

I hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Did I mention that the door that leads from my laundry room to the garage is metal. We use it to leave the house 90% of the time and I have all the pics of those I cherish there -- my nephews and nieces, my in-laws and their families, some random pics of the kids and NOW YOU ARE THERE! It always makes me smile when I see the faces there and I say little prayers for them all. So now you and your family are included!!

We had a very sweet Christmas, but I don't think we "pondered" enough, so I'm planning a little late "thing" for just the 4 of us tonight. Just some moments to sit back and Consider Him....

Blessings, dear friend!

The Preacher's Wife said...

The website looks good so far! Wish I could help you with it! We had a pretty good Christmas ourselves!

fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh,

Your website is off to a great start! I think it looks really nice.

Christmas was wonderful, meaningful, and I know we will have so many good memories.

Love to you and yours,

Leigh Gray said...

Well, Dori - this website thing has been rough from the beginning. I thought i was paying for a whole website to be put together, but really all they do is set up a header and the pages and then I have to fill in the "pretty" stuff and information. They say they have a consulting session that start at half hour increments, but that also means $$$$$$$$$$. Anyway - you are website savvy, right? Can you help?? THanks for your prayers!! Love you!

Leigh Gray said...

Lisa - I did see your new laptop - you will lvoe it!!!!!!!!!!! That was my birthday, christmas, anniversary, you are just a good ole momma gift last year!! ha ha

Happy New Year!

Leigh Gray said...

Adrienne - how are you my friend. How is the new job??? Guess what - I am going to be teaching High School this semester - just one class every other day - Anatomy and Phsiology!!!!!!!! I know, I was impressed too. ha ha

It was great to hear from you!!

Love, Leigh

Fran said... goodness! It is just beautiful! You must be soooo excited. I wish I could help but I am an absolute "know nothing" when it comes to stuff like that!
I bet the good Lord has mapped out a way for you. I pray that 2008 is a year of blessing and growth with Him.


A Place For Ministry Wives & A Place For Me said...

Leigh...I love it! Very professional! I'm so sorry for the set-up issue. Is their anyone in your church or any other lay person you know that does website stuff that could do some pro-bono work for you or at least do it at a discounted rate? Anyone you can think of? I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. :-(

Wish I could help...but that is sooooo not my area of giftedness! :-)

Betty-Jo said...

I think it looks great!! Ya'll did a good job. I am sorry you are having trouble with the set up. I pray the Lord sends someone your way.
Have a blessed day and Happy New Year!

Nicki said...

I love the website! It looks very web savy!! =) I'm excited for you!!

fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh - I sent you an email.... And yes, I am impressed - teaching Anatomy and Physiology - how cool is that???!! I'm sure you'll do great.


Toknowhim said...


I am going to send a link to your website to the ladies in my Church that are in charge of Womens Ministy... You never know they maybe looking for speakers to come in the future, and how close you are to where I live. The website looks great so far, and your topics are wonderful.


Leigh Gray said...

Oh that is awesome - that is just such a blessing that you would choose to do that - thank you!!! I would be happy to send them a sample disk, etc.

thank you again!!!! this is how it is suppose to work!! Oh praise Him for the beginnings!!

thank you

Toknowhim said...


If you want to send the sample disc to me, I will get the disc to the right person, and I can tell them how I came to find out about you...Sometimes when a Church receives something in the mail, they may not know what it is least this way I can actually talk to a few of the women who are in charge... Several of them are my friends (if that works for you)

If that is ok, let me know and I will email my info to your email address above.


Valarie said...

Love the site so far and I sure wish I was a techie 'cause you know I'd hook you up! However, I'll keep praying for the Father to send the right techie to your door!! Love ya girl!

Dionna said...

You're doing great, Leigh. The site looks so nice! :)

jen said...

Hi Leigh!!! Congrats on the new site! I'm headed over to check it out. Glad you had a good Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful New Years as well!! HUGS!