Monday, December 31, 2007

504 - prayer.............. 2nd post today

If you don't mind, would you please go to the prayer blog and read the prayer that Valarie Elswick just wrote out for Speaking Thru Me Ministries. She is our prayer director and is there any question why??? I don't think so.

How does one learn to pray like that??? I am just sitting here barely able to write because of that prayer. I feel like I could be president of the United States, but even better I get to speak His Word!!! I am just about "typeless". I know eloquent words do not "make" a prayer, but knowing the heart of Valarie just makes this so much more special. This girl has been there, done that, and back!!! Lives to tell and praises Him!!!!!!!! Incredible, amazing!!! I feel so special to be prayed for by Valarie - the whole ministry!! And then I just got a donation from another blogging friend. This is on the hills of getting my bill for accounting. Yeah baby - God you are amazing!! Thank you

Have a wonderful and "blessingful" day!!!

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Valarie said...

To God alone be all glory! Girl, He is so good and I can't help but shout it to anyone who will listen! He just cracks me up sometimes with His timing! LOVE that you got that donation today!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!

Love ya girl and the honor is mine!!