Friday, January 11, 2008

514 - New/Old House updates

Did you know that crown molding now comes in Styrofoam "logs"? It is awesome!!!
This is our master bedroom and what the crown molding looks like painted!!!! I am so pumped about that deep, soothing, calming chocolate brown color!!!!!!!! Maybe I won't eat as much since I will be sleeping in chocolate every night!!
This is the second floor bathroom shower. It matches the chocolate from our bedroom perfect!!!
This is the kitchen tile!! And some left behind furniture that needs to go!!
This is the main floor that we are hoping will have major progress on it this coming week! That is our third floor base board that hasn't made it up yet!
This is the remaining of 45 gallons of paint we had to buy!!! Yikes!!!
I may be more excited about this room than any!! Girlies!!! They are so pumped!
More of the shower! I can't wait!!


Lisa said...

Girl, you know I'm way into the home improvement projects! Remember my black ceiling? :)

It looks great! I love the shower...and of course, I love chocolate brown. Going to the Maxx to furnish it? :)

Lisa :)

Leigh Gray said...

Oh yes the Maxx except............ Marshall's is actually much better around here. it has hurt my feelings, but I can adjust!! anything for a deal!!

did you get my last long email?? my rear may not have gotten smaller since i have moved, but my fingers sure have! i can type!! ha ha Remember at hgbc i could not even type when they hired me. but emailing with you helped solve that probelm bakc then.

Leigh Gray said...
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Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Leigh, this looks great!!!!!!!! How fun! But, how do you find TIME to accomplish sooooo much???? Leigh Gray- you're my HERO!!!!


Fran said...

AWESOME! Looks perfect! I know you are getting excited. I can't wait to see more pix. Have a great weekend. And, don't forget to let us know about West TN visit.
Fingers crossed.

Love ya~

CrownLaidDown said...

Ohh! This has got me excited!! I could watch this show if it were on TV all day :) Leigh's Home Makeover...I love it!
Yay God!
Have a blessed Sunday, friend!!

Leigh Gray said...

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy.........sweet girlfriend - we are having to hire out most of the work. My father in law knows how to do all this stuff and is helping a ton, but he still has a job. Clay and I know nothing!!!! So it is a hire out kind of thing!! so don't be overly impressed please!!!