Friday, January 11, 2008

515 - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd post today!

My daughter, Emmajoy, is DIEING to start singing some songs in church. She has a good little voice and I want to do everything I can to help guide her in this passion. (She has had many voice lessons, etc. so this is not just a silly mom wanting her daughter to sing in church.........I don't think.)

She wants to sing How Deep the Father's Love by Stuart Townend. I can not find the accompaniment track anywhere. I even asked a Christian bookstore here to look it up and they had never heard of him. This is a popular song people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can any of you help?

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Feel free to email me directly........... cletus104 at gmail dot com.


Dori said...

Must be an epidemic....I posted three times today, too!!! I find I do that sometimes on Fridays because I am hardly online at all throughout the weekend.

Love the house, crown molding, chocolate walls, chocolate shower....will there be a chocolate fountain in the chocolate shower??? Oh that would be heaven!!!

Love you,

Nicki said...

go on or whatever search engine you use to download music to your ipod or mp3 player. Surely you'll find it there! You'll just have to save it to a disk. I love the house! It's looking great!!

Valarie said...

Hey girl. Go to and in the product search type the title. I did this and found several tracks you can order. These are the kind of tracks I use. CD tracks are best! Can't wait to hear how she does and look at her pickin' a song that is HARD to sing. (you might wanna tell her that) It has an octave jump that can be tricky. Let me know.
Love to ya.

Leigh Gray said...

ok Nicki - did that, but first of all i had the hardest time finding where in the world it was stored on my computer. ugh!! And then..... I can not figure out how to save it to a disk... ugh!!!

S.T.U. P.I.D = don't tell my kids i said the "s" word!

love and thanks, leigh

Leigh Gray said...

Valarie - wasn't Octave in a Shakespear play???

Just kidding - I know it is a tough one!! We are hurdling nerves right now.........not so much beautification of voice, etc. Small church remember - not being taped all around the country so we can have a bomb every now and then. hee hee - I know you know what i mean!! I can see you giggling right now!!

love you chickie!

Andrea said...

Leigh Emmajoy got to sing Sunday with Grace at church...A simple Jesus loves me with some new verses they had was sweet!