Tuesday, January 22, 2008

523 - sweet - just too sweet!

Got this in an email just the other day - Sweet - just nothing other than sweet!!! Silly girls!!

If no ones else loves me my Tennessee girls do!!! It is my roots - deep roots!!

Love y'all too!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the surprise!!


Anonymous said...

We love you too!!!
(boy was I having a bad hair day!!)

Fran said...

Oh YES we do!!! Your girls here in TN love you to pieces and you bless us sooooo much with your love for Jesus and your willingness to share your personal journey to us.

Have a wonderful day sister! Now, i'm gonna read below and see if I can't encourage you with they "why" thing! :)

Stay after Him~

CrownLaidDown said...

I love you, Leigh! You are a bright light to me every day :)

Praying for you, friend!
How very great to see Fran! I don;t know Teresa, but I think her hair is quite pretty.

Much love,