Thursday, February 07, 2008

535 - Goose Necks Watching

Can you believe it is already Thursday? In some ways it has really been a long week and then in others ways - where did the time go? Yesterday was quite a busy day. For some reason for the past 3 days or more my windshield wipers would not turn off. You should have heard me racking my brain to think of some spiritual connection as to why they would not turn off - Did God have something to say about those things going back and forth back and forth!!!! Needless to say I spent some time with the dealer to get that under control. Thankfully it has not stopped raining around here for about 44 days - I am exagerating - so I needed them. But you know the feelings when surprises come up and your day is kind of halted. AND they had been delivered a huge platter of soft chocolate chip cookies just waiting for me to devour. hee hee - you see now where God was going with the wipers - it was a test............I thought of all of you spurring me on and I can report that not one single morsel was tasted or licked!!! Just deep inhales!! ha!!

"I make it my goal to please You, whether I am at home in the body or away from it." Phil. 1:20 paraphrase

What God has given us today is a bottom line verse - that is what I like to call it. Bottom line Leigh, you are meant to please Me whether you are alive or dead. What is it going to be? Don't you just love bottom line kind of requests or commands we might say here. Here is the "deal" - you are either going to do it here on the earth or you will do it when we are face to face. Wow!

The original verse says that we "eagerly expect and hope" to please the Lord. What that means is that one is stretching out their neck looking and waiting for ways to please the Father. One is expecting the return of the Lord and is living in such a way that when "caught" it will please the Father. We don't know when the return of the Lord will be, but if we have already met Him in Heaven then the plesure is all ours to be giving - perfect, not flawed in any way. But if He returns and we have not met Him face to face in death, what will be the scenario He finds us in. Ever thought about that? Interesting!

First of all, do you know that you will meet Him when He returns? Do you know the Lord as your Savior? Have you ever said - Lord Jesus come into my life and take charge. Forgive me of all my sins and make me whole. Lord, I want your salvation, I need your salvation. I want to be with you in Heaven some day. I confess I am a sinner and am asking you to come into my life. I confess You as the Son of God and I believe. Thank you Lord for making me a new person right this second!!! Lord, I am yours. Did you pray that prayer? Have you ever prayed that prayer? Oh please let me know if you received Christ as your Savior today!!!

Because we know Christ as our Savior, when He comes back to get us all it will be a glorious reunion. No matter what we are doing at that moment He will see us through the eyes of forgiveness and grace - of course judgement as well - but as a beleiver we will be His pleasure. Without knowing Him as Savior there is no way to please the Lord. Even as Christian there is nothing we can do to please the Lord other than accept His forgiveness and be His child! We could never do anything good enough to be accepted.

But in the mean time we have to live this thing out - life!! As you are going about your day, do you think about the very moments you are caught in and would it please the Lord if you saw Him face to face as if you were looking at a friend! Man that really convicts me. I think of those inner dark moments when I sit in digust, jealousy, frustration, and sin. Those times that I do nothing but cater to my flesh and selfish desires. What about those times I cave to indulgence - "Oh (surprisingly screaming) hey Lord - I didn't see you there. Yes, Sir, you are right, this is my 3rd donut..." Wouldn't that just be terrible. He comes back and I am stuffing my face again, caught in gosssip, stewing in jealousy, mad for only selfish gain, etc. Oh Lord, let us do everything to live a life worth of the calling. Let me live a life that is caught doing well to please You. Let us all live this thing out like it is real and we know You to be real!! Alive - I want to live and live every moment for you!!! I am stretching out my goose neack looking for ways to pelase the Father!! I love you Jesus!


Nicki said...

Oh Leigh.......I have truly TRULY seen what this means REALLY surrender and say GOD, I SO WANT TO BE IN YOUR WILL. We all have those dark moments....but we are trying to live a life worth pleasing HIM, and what I've truly seen is, it's not easy....but the peace that comes with it...whew, that's some good stuff!! I LOVED your wiper story!! That is God in the details!! =)

Lindsee said...


I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday! Ahhh...where has the week gone?!

As always, loved the post. And the one below. I love the Priscilla convo! Awesome!

Much love,


Leigh said...

Hi Leigh! I love the new header! Charnita did an awesome job. She is good like that! Fantastic! Hope you are well.
~The "other Leigh"

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Leigh - it's Leigh - that is still really funny to me. I will get over one of these days - but just tickles me still right now.

You will have to ask Charnita about her new purse - coming soon!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Linds - did I tell you i got my plate??? perfect and wonderful - love it!! I need to put a picture online about it!! love you girlie!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Nicki - thos wiper stories need to be written down - great small stories for spekaing!! I just always forget!! love you - praying for you!! Leigh