Monday, February 25, 2008

544 - So What Am I Suppose To Do?

Good Morning - I am up and at them this morning. On my way out the door to St. Louis for a few days. I will be speaking this morning and next. One of my favorite topics again - Beauty and the Bedroom and Authentic Parenting! Those are always so fun! As far as how I am doing physically - I am better. My nose did not fall off even though i wanted to have it taken off! The meds are crazy. I am jittery, but a bit tired too! Just a few more days of those kinds though! I will be staying at one of the event planners houses tonight which will be such a treat. I have been praying for her son that has a feeding issue - I am not sure of the specifics - but it will be neat to actually see the real little boy I have lifted up from time to time! God is moving and blessing Speaking Thru Me Ministries (STMM) - I am not sure I can keep up. We have needs - many needs! I know He will provide. Right now I think one of our greatest needs is organizational ideas and financing ideas - I don't really mean raising money. I need a truly trained accountant in Illinois that can tell me what I am REALLY suppose to be doing - I have so many odd questions! Need a sounding board. Our non-profit status is getting close! Maybe a few more months and it will be final!

Before I go on any further I feel impressed to ask or mention this. My friend, Nicki Koziarz over at is feeling the call to a Speaking conference. She desires to go, but just does not have the funds available. This is the very kind of thing that I want STMM to be more a part of. Supporting the small church, supporting those desiring to do His thing, those needing help from "the church" - you and me. Nicki is a woman after God's heart, she is called by the Lord into ministry, and she is seeking with everything she has to do His will. She believes this is it, but just lacks the funds right now. Would you help? Go to her blog and see the details. I would beg you to give whatever you can... $5, $10, $50 - anything possible? I know you may not know her from Adam's House Cat, but this is certainly a wonderful thing to invest in - please trust me. I would love to pay this for her, but we just don't have all the funds to do that just yet here at STMM. Can you help? Thank you in advance!! (On a side note, Nicki lives in the town of the conference so she is not having to raise support for travel, just admission. and she is accepting paypal - or i will accept it and send it to her along with whatever we can raise around here.)

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me." Gal. 2:20

So, have you ever asked yourself, really Lord what do you want me to do? I mean, I know I am to follow Your lead and do Your will, but what does that really look like. Can you give me some specifics? Have you ever been there? I so have and I ask that question almost daily. I know the general plan for my life - like being called into ministry, being a wife, and mom, church volunteer, etc. - but it is the day to day stuff that I can get a bit bogged down - what do I do with my day to day life?

I am going through Priscilla Shirer's study - Discerning the Voice of the Lord - INCREDIBLE!!! And this is all I can think about. Living and doing as He asks in the day to day things is all about listening and then dieing. That sounds exciting doesn't it? Well, actually so much peace comes with dieing! In a totality sense - we will be at complete peace when we die and see Him face to face.

But what about that day to day stuff. That is where I get stuck. The verse above says that I have been "crucified with Christ". That really means that my old ways have been put to death and I now live for Christ, with Christ, and in Christ. But the tough thing is that I am a living sacrifice - so I have the option of rolling off the alter and going back into my old ways. This is why it is so important to be discerning His voice in the day to day. As I roll off the alter the Holy Spirit gently at times says "No, No, NO - get back up there. Die, we did not wake that old part. You have not just been changed, you have been exchanged with the Spirit of Christ. Your soul now rest in my hands and I have exchanged your old ways with My new ways. Let's work this thing out together. Die and listen - all at the same time." Wow!!! What a sweet word He just spoke over me and you, the reader!! I can hardly go on!

Christ living in me - that is powerful. I am afforded all the riches, gifts, privileges, etc. that God has freely given to our Savior Christ and yet I think so often they go stagnant in my life. I do not tap into the power near enough!! Oh Lord - help to live in Your power!! You are the power! Tap into it and walk it out!! And how I need your power at this time in my life. So many things on the horizon and spiritual warfare at its peak. I need your power Lord! I am to live by faith - why - because you loved me and gave yourself for me. Incredible Lord - wow - I am getting it Jesus. Such an incredible concept, but it is really sinking in today. Praise you Father!

So ladies and self - ever talk to your "self" - what are we going to do with this today? Are we going to die and walk listening intently or are we going to live and ignore the voice of God? I choose to die and walk in peace!! Oh yeah!! In the day to day stuff this includes parenting, wifeing, eating, sharing in words, cooking, exercising, loving - what are we going to do? Live it out in faith walking with Him dieing to our own selfishness or are we going to continue in our pit of despair and depression possibly because we are continuing to walk on our own pleasing the desires of the sinful nature - ME, the fleshly me!! We are not a puppet, we are not a rag doll either - We are a princess, child of the Living God, bought with a price, and free to live!! We have a choice - what will it be today?? Listen - He is speaking!! I love you, Lord!

UPDATE******We are going to start our kids in the new schools next week - Carmi. Please be in prayer for that. We have 2 lookers on the house today!! Oh Lord, just need one buyer - please please please!! Let's make a deal and I ain't kiddin'. Our new house is about 2 weeks from being done. We have started moving a few things in - praise Him!! It feels so good! We have our huge first STMM event this weekend where we have brought in Leslie Nease from Survivor:China. She will be speaking in Carmi on Saturday morning 9:30am to the women and 6:30pm that evening to the youth. Many, many darts are being thrown by the defeated one - Crush him, Lord!!


Angie said...

Leigh--what awesome thoughts! Yes the Lord and I have been having this discussion lately...what now Lord? I am His time.
Praying for the house sale!

Leah said...


Vance Havner said, "The problem with living sacrifices is that they keep crawling off the altar."

Boy did that ever speak to me when I heard it years ago and how many times have I crawled off the altar only to have to crawl back on!!


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey Angie girl - great to hear from you! THanks for the ocmment and most importantly for the prayers. I just got done speaking and am at the library HUNGRY!!! I am going to have to go eat, call hubby about HOUSE showing, and then rejoice!! Lots of eating options in St. Louis!! yeah baby!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Leah - how are you sweet girl - have i ever told you you have great hair! at least your profile picture is so cute!! thanks for dropping by. I am on my way out the door again! talk to you soon! love, Leigh

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh, I am praying! for all these requests. I'm printing this out to remind me......


Fran said...

Praying for you leigh and every single thing you mentioned. You have a lot going on but continue to cling to Him and His Word.

love ya~

Valarie said...

Praying for you sista! Oh how I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be there this weekend! Know that my heart is there!
Love ya and SPEAK A WORD!

Linda said...

Hi Leigh,

I just stopped by for a minute to welcome you to the LWG team. I'm looking forward to geting to know you!


Leigh said...

YOu so inspire me, Leigh!
I stole your button. WIll get it up this week on my blog. I love your new profile pic. Loving your hair-espcialy after reading my hairapy post from friday.....LOL.
Thanks for always being positive.

Leigh said...


Will you pray for me tomorrow as I have to go in for a minor surgery. I am so nervous. PLease pray for my peace and for my doctor as he preforms-and that the procedure will go as it is expected and help me.
Thx, my sister in Christ!

Anonymous said...

God Bless, Leigh. Your words are always an inspiration.

I greatly enjoyed the pictures you posted of your trip. Wow, Most of the time pics don't do justice, but yours turned out great!

Say a prayer for me if you would. Regardless of whether I am or am not, I feel like I might be at a crossroads, and I've recently my spirit has been saying, "God... What is it?"

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I just realized that I'm the only guy who seems to comment on your blog.

I didn't read anywhere if you preferred it to specifically be tailored to women or not, but I completely understand if it is.

Please let me know if it is,

Take care!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Josh - you silly thing. There are a lot of male readers just not many brave enough to comment on this blog. I don't mind at all. It is great to get a male perspective often as well. I am not allowed by the holy Spirit to do a lot of blog reading myself so i really really appreciate that you would take the time to read mine and post a comment from time to time. Thank you thank you!!

Have a great day and keep coming by!! Leigh