Thursday, March 06, 2008

553 - Goodbye

Hey ya'll!! Have to take a blogging break due to the move - hopefully be completed today. Ha!

Hopefully I will be back in a week or 2, depends on how long it takes to get my "office" set up.

I am speaking this weekend in Harrisburg, Il. - just about 30 minutes from me at Dorrisville Baptist Church. Look at this totally awesome conference promotion piece. Isn't it cute. Got time - still love to have you. There are nearly 170 coming and this is their first conference ever... These ladies have worked so hard!! I am so excited. A new friend of mine named Victoria might come with me. She is a high school senior that will be attending Union Univ. in the fall. She loves Jesus so much it is incredible. I just had to get to know her!!!

Next week I speak on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then leave on Saturday for a few days in Chicago with Patricia and her hubby. I am so excited to get away with Clay and friends. Shopping will be done!!! We both as couple need this. Hopefully when I am gone a "house putter back togetherer" fairy will come and "do" the house.

Also be praying for Speaking Thru Me Ministries. There is so much on the horizon, but I just get paralyzed on how to move forward next. We are in great need - not money, but help and prayer and smarts and organization and brainstorming and confidence and guts and knowhow and HIM!!!!!

I know it is not my job to discover God's will - it is His responsibility to reveal it - so my job is just to want more of Him and then I will walk right into His will! Oh boy do I ever. I need Him so greatly.

Have a great week or 2 or 3. Not sure how long this will take. Be sure to go to my blog often and click on my favorites and keep them encouraged they way you do me! Thank you thank you thank you!! We are so in this together!!!

Oh one other thing - i had asked some people to add the ministry prayer button to the blog - thank you thank you thank you to those that were able to get it on there. I had one person email me back that she could not do it because it would be in direct conflict with her ministry. I DO understand what she was saying, but oh it made me so sad that it had to be that way. I want to be in this together. I want to support you and you support me and let's just all move closer to Him - not competition. Oh it just broke my heart. I think Satan grinned on that one. I don't know!!

Last thing - go to my friend and ministry partners blog and check out her beautiful wall of crosses - what a great idea and awesome looking!! Tell Ginger I said hi - she is a doll! love her!

Ok - one more thing - go to the prayer blog and be in prayer with Valarie for Travis Cotrell. And just pray much blessing over Valarie - even if you don't know her. She is waiting for God to come through for her. I know He will in some way!! Both her her blog and prayer blog button are located on the side to the right!

Love to all and to all a good...................week or 2.


Anonymous said...

You will definitely be missed, but I'll keep you on my contact list. Let me know when you're back. Take care!

Nicki said...

Oh girly, I'll miss your writing for a few weeks, but we will make do!! =) If you get a chance check out my blog about last night!! It was SOOOO awesome! God showed up! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for ALL of your support, love and prayers.....I couldn't have made it without your "pushes" of love. =) Hope things go well, praying, praying, praying!!!

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for you...can't wait to see pictures of the final move in!

Love you Sister!

Fran said...

Praying for you this Sunday afternoon!! Hope things are smooth as silk right now! :)

Love ya~

Natalie Witcher said...

Have a blast moving! The house looks beautiful!

Irritable Mother said...

I hope all is going well in the transition.
"My job is to want Him more..." Yes, friend, thank you for writing these words and reminding me what is True.

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