Monday, March 24, 2008

556 - I' m Fighting!

Lord Jesus - Praise you Father!! Thank you thank you thank you for the work you did in and through me while i was in Tenn. at the True Love Waits conference and Easter Celebration. It was incredible! I could not believe how organized everything was and how smoothly it ran! Friday night with the teens was a tough group. 5 - 12 graders, boys and girls, and parents. But You, Lord, gave me awesome words to speak and I think they came out with much passion and enthusiasm. It was interesting - no matter how bad you do with women there is always people pleaser in the group that will come and reassure you that you did well and spoke to her - or at least the general group - "you really blessed us". ha ha! But youth are tough. They stare and sometimes glare at you. They will laugh and crack up, but then they go right back into that stare - you are not so cool - come on now - enough already - kind of looks. I know this because I already get it at home too. But it was awesome and really inspiring! The preacher was there to help with everything and was so supportive. I do not always see that - and that is the key to making any event a sucess! Preacher's support and endorsement!

A lady stopped by my house - Julie - and we just got to talking about my weekend - it was coming up at this time - and she passionately expressed to me that rebellion in a teen does not have to have happen. It was a lie from the pit of hell that every teen had to go through a rough and wild time. She told me to make sure I told the parents they have to be ready, but not necessarily for the worst. Not every kid has to take the worst road. I think that was very wise advice. But on the flip side - another one of my friends that I spoke with briefly concerning this event told me to tell the parents to not trust their good kid so much. She was a really good kid that got pregnant - her parents gave her so much freedom because they just trusted her too much. I thought that was great advice too. Parents commented on that as well.

I have a conference this weekend in my old little town - Norris City. It is at Crossroads Church and I will be speaking about Fighting the good fight! Want to come? - just email me and I give you specifics. This group has made the cutest little shirts ever - brown long sleeve with a pink embroidered girl with a pony tail with armor on. It is so cute!! I can not wait to get one!

So today - Lord Jesus you sent me to 1 Tim. 6:12, but it was actually one verse before that really struck a cord in me. "But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness." That was verse 11. The part that really stumped me was the pursue endurance. I can understand the righteousness, godliness, faith, love, and gentleness, but the endurance. I was not thinking so much about pursuing it, but just that you must have it. Like you grab it as if grabbing it before the fight happens, before you take off to fight and keep going it. But this is more like your pursue it, run after it, chase after it - chase after something that will help you to keep chasing...

So I had to go to the special books and find out more. This endurance is like patience, or bearing up under, persevere. I so think about being patient with people, but that actually is a different Greek word. This endurance is specifically the word for endurance or patience as to things or circumstances. Now I love this. There is no doubt we are called to be patient with people and endure them - holy cow do we have to endure them at times and others enduring me. But in Eph. 6 the Word reminds us that we are not fighting against flesh and blood - people - but against the evil world and its team and schemes. When we remember that and put things in perspective that is real endurance. While the evil one may use people to seemingly be against us or you or me - it is actually the scheme, plan, circumstance, or things that we need to have endurance with.

So how do i pursue this endurance? How do I chase after something that seems like I should already possess? I think the key to it all is making sure we have on the Armor of God each and everyday - making sure during the day we don't change clothes - at critical moments we don't forget to pick up the sword - if we take a nap we make sure it is appropriate and not in selfishness - making sure we know who we are fighting and that it is not flesh and blood even though it may so appear to be that way. Oh Lord - help me to be mindful of all this. Lord I want to pursue the things of You. I want you! I know there is a good fight to fight, but that also means that there is probably fights or battles not worth fighting. Help me to discern the Truth and to walk in that. Help me to know when to fight and when to hold off. Along the way help me to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, gentleness, and endurance. Lord, you are my all and all. I want you you so desperately in my life, breath, down to the marrow of my bones. Fill me to the brim with your Spirit today and may I walk worthy of the calling! I love you!


Nicki said...

I'm SO glad everything went well....I didn't think about what a tough crowd teens must be...I can totally see it thought!! But Praise Him for all you did! I pray that lives were changed because of it!!

Leah said...


What a high!! Isn't it neat to get to serve the Lord doing what you love to do!! I get on such a high when I teach the Word!!

Yikes, it's blowing snow here in North GA. This is the craziest weather!!

Have a great day!!


Shonda said...

I'm glad to hear it went well. Those teens can be tough. God's word is tougher though and will penetrate those souls.

Thanks for the reminder about the armor and that we dont fight flesh and blood!

blessings in Christ--