Tuesday, April 15, 2008

570 - More Than You Will Ever Know

Dear Father - overflowing with appreciation and love this morning for such incredible people you have placed in my life now and in the past. Lord, I can not help but be reminded of the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth. Even though the ages were so very different, they both found themselves in very similar circumstances - both having baby boys, but one too early and one too late - to the human mind. (Lisa, do you remember when you became pregnant with G. and I thought the Lord was not going to give me kids for another 4 years. I was so sure. Little did I know He was going to give me 4 kids in the next 5 years. Ha ha). Lord, as I have reconnected with so many of my old friends over the Facebook thingy it has brought back a flood of memories. Oh Lord - thank you!! Thank you for the relationships along the way you have allowed me to have. Lord, as the song above describes, they all have meant something so different in every single relationship - more than they will ever know.

Even the friends you have brought in my life for a very short time maybe just to speak a bit of truth to me have been so wonderful. I remember going through my miscarriage and having so many wonderful friends reach out and bless me incredibly in a very painful time. They carried me. I remember all the times that my friend in Charlotte, Melissa and I laughed so hard we could hardly see to drive. Oh that blessed my life, more than she will ever know. What a precious memory to me and for me!

Lord, I love that in the scripture of Mary and Elizabeth there seems to be no jealousy, just trust excitement, love, adoration, and complete awe. One He brought her son and the other He brought her Savior. Oh Lord - it just joys my heart to see each reaction. Elizabeth is shouting for joy and excitement and humbleness - in Leigh's words - "what in the world would you come see me for - and bring the precious Savior of the world to see me? What is the honor?" and she really means it. I kind of think Mary was still in the "could this really be real" stage until Elizabeth was so excited for her and acknowledged or confirmed the pregnancy of the Miracle child, Jesus! Once Elizabeth confirmed and spoke the truth - out loud!!!! - Mary started doing all the jumping and shoutin'. She might have been an aerobic instructor had she not had a wedding to plan for, not to mention a birth. Oh I just love that story and example of pure friendship! And it had nothing to do with age!! All this can be found in the first chapter of Luke!

Lord, I would love to start listing all the people in my life and what they mean to me, but I think I would never get up from my computer. Lord, praise you that i feel like it would take me that long!! Thank you!! My heart is just overwhelmed by all the blessings in friendships this morning. Why, i don't know other than being reminded with the recount of Mary and Elizabeth! Lord, thank you thank you thank you!

Lord, thank you for being that friend that never fails. So many people in my life have been so faithful and wonderful. There on the other hand have been so many times that I have failed people and let them down. There have been times that I have acted a fool and done things I am so shameful to friends. Oh Lord, for those days that you covered up my sin before it ever got to them, thank you. For those days that you lessened the blow on their lives because of what I did or said - thank you! For those days that I just neglected my friend and You were "extra" when I was not doing my part - thank you!! Lord, I love you so. Thank you for showing me how to be a true friend and real! Thank you for being so faithful to me - even when I blew it or did not come through the way you were wanting and my friend was expecting. Lord, thank you for your perfectness! And Lord, thank you for this means of email and blogging. Yes, it is abused and I abused my time on it, but thank for this way of reconnecting, strengthening, or even mending friends - both old and new!! I am loving it!! I love You!! Lord, may my life bless you today! Amen!

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Lindsee said...

Yum. This song get's my heart every time. Some of my dearest friends WILL NEVER KNOW what they've meant to me! Loved this post, Leigh. :)

Much love to you!!!!