Monday, April 14, 2008

569 - Got Comfort?

Dear Lord - Oh how I know you do love me Jesus. Thank you for this past weekend at such a lovely church. The ladies were so kind and creative. They had everything decorated so wonderfully and just gone over and above. I feel like i always say that, but it is so true what church ladies can do to a fellowship hall or even a gym. There was no hint of it being a gym this past weekend. They had it all dolled up and beautiful. The even had all kinds of other vendors to kind of add another element to the weekend.

As we traveled over to the worship center I could feel the Spirit begin to speak to my heart - "Leigh be open to the roads I may ask you to travel down. Leigh, be ready to take a sharp left if I prompt you that way. Leigh, will you obey? Leigh, I have something to say to these ladies - please do what I ask." Oh it was awesome. The worship was incredible - brought us right to the very throne of God and then allowed us to smell the sweet fragrance of forgiveness. He was so strong that evening and I just can not get over it. Thank you Lord.

That evening I was able to stay in the parsonage with the pastor's family. Absolutely the cleanest house I have ever been in!! Holy cow - I mean spic and span!!! wow!!! We stay up for quite some time talking about the Word, different ways of worship, and just how wonderful and creative our Lord is!! I love, love, love times like that - and really with complete strangers! That can only happen when HE is involved!! Love it!

The next day the Lord did not disappoint at all. He showed up in a huge way again! It blows my mind that the same message can be given to hundreds of women and each one of them receive something so very different. I love that too. God you are so individual and complete!! I love you!

Before I get further into my prayer time I want to introduce another addition to Speaking Thru Me Ministries. Her name is Tracy Berta and can be found at Tracy and I came in contact a number of years ago through a particular ministry site. I was asking some questions and she was one of the ones kind enough to answer me and with great "thoroughness". That is a trait I love the most about Tracy. She just does not answer yes or no - she usually backs things up with scripture - even the simplest question - and takes her time to respond. She is sweet, soft spoken kind of gal that LOVES and lives the Word out loud! Tracy is a prayer warrior extraordinaire!!! I mean awesome!! Please stop by her newly redesigned blog and tell her congrats and way to go. We feel so honored that Tracy would accept our invitation and come on board with STMM.

2 Cor. 1:3-4 3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

Dear Jesus - I have found myself in a place I am not the most comfortable, but am willing to learn from. I am on hold - i think that is the way I would describe it. I do know the plans you have for me are to prosper and not to harm, but I have no idea what those plans look like. It is so neat, but still very different - in a good way - to not be looking at a full future, but looking at Him full in the face. Lord, all i can see right now is the work you have been doing in my heart over the past 3 months and it is hard. The process has been hard. If the process was easy would I have learned anything - most likely not. But God I can see how gentle you have been and how patient! Thank you Lord Jesus!

There have been so many times "ladies in waiting" - waiting for God to start the ministry journey, not waiting to be married - have called or sent emails about how to get everything rolling. Many times have i had conversations with women wanting to desperately to be used and the opportunities have not been coming in. What do I do? Am i reading all this wrong? Have I missed what God has called me to do? Is there a magic formula to get appointments and events? How can I get into the next church, conference, event, etc.??? I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have been asked to show compassion/comfort as the scripture describes above and I hope to some degree I have.

Hopefully my conversations have been that God will do it in His time. You have a responsibility to be professional and knock on some doors, but ultimately it is God that swings it wide open and grants you the grace to receive the invitation. I have coached many girls on different avenues and possibilities of speaking - where to go and who needs what... Hopefully my words have been encouraging and brought comfort - the same comfort the Lord gave me in the beginning of this journey. But............

This is where I am and what He is asking of me right now.............If I, the Lord, ended it all today would I, the Lord, still be enough? If I, the Lord, never did another thing would you, Leigh, be happy with just Me, the Lord? Can you, Leigh, be content in a life of mommying and ministry from the background? Just recently I have had 6 or 7 churches contact the ministry website and I have been able to place some of our new speakers and some old friend speakers as well. Lord, it is not like I can hide my heart from you. I am asking myself as well- Will this be enough? The answer that is working in me of course is YES!!! Oh yes oh yes!!

Lord, I do want you. I want to bless your Name! I want you to be my promoter and agent. I want you to use me and if it is to bring other speakers to various places then I will. Not just I will, I am totally excited about promoting the team - team of Christ! This is where I am. I might be on hold as far as me going forth - for today, tomorrow, or even this year - but I know He is good and I want more of Him. I want to promote my Jesus, my Savior, my Breath of Life!! Jesus, this is a new place. A different place, a place that I am a bit uncomfortable. Help me to be content. Help me to seek your face and not your plan. Help me to see your hand and where I can join Your work! I love you Lord. Thank you for allowing me the responsibility of being faithful to You and to those that You are using at this time to bring Your Word. May my prayer penetrate the very marrow of my bones. Don't let it just be words. Help me to receive Your comfort and the comfort of others! I love you - You are worthy. I bless Your Name!


Lisa said...

It is not if HE can be satisfied with you -- it is, can you be satisfied with the lesser known road, if that is what He has for you at this season? You can and will. But I have a feeling that this season will not last long. He doesn't want you to stop ministering -- ever -- but always, always He calls us to a place of greater surrender. If it were easy, it wouldn't be true faith, now would it? :)

And...some encouragement for you...God put you and an opportunity on my heart this weekend, and I have already talked with the woman about you. Don't be surprised if God doesn't put something in your lap for September! Get your bags packed!

Faith and grace, girl!
Lisa :)

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

hey Lisa - thanks for the encouragment. Glad you are home safe. Loved seeing all the pics.

I do know what you are saying about me being satisfied. That is what I meant, but i don't think it came out that way on the blog. i did try to edit it a bit... thank you again for the truth. Bless you my friend!! Love, Leigh

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Girl, you are soooo beautiful! I love your heart. I love your raw honesty and your surrender. Leigh, you are a light shining for Him!!!!

Leigh, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so honored to be a part of STMM! But, most of all, I am so thankful that God has brought us together. Leigh, you are truly a sister in Christ, friend, and inspiration.

I love you, girl!!!!

Nicki said...

Wow!! God is moving!! And yes, I hear that same voice....."Am I enough?"

I'm so excited about all the Lord is doing! It's so neat to watch it all unfold!!

Sarah Martin said...

Its so cool to hear that your weekend went so well-Praise Jesus! In regards to your mentoring ladies with questions, you HAVE been so generous with your time and encouragement-especially with me. Thank you!


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Sarah - it has been a privilege to share what little i kow with you!! I love that part of ministry too - helping eqip another to set out for ministry!! yeah - thank you for your sweetness!! love, Leigh

Leah said...


I totally understand where you are for I have been at that place. Perhaps God is giving you time to get STMM on it's feet and operating at it's peak??? Perhaps He is giving you more time with your precious little family??? Perhaps He is giving you more time to be in His Word and with Him??? There are many perhaps scenarios and we may never know all that He is about in your life, but know that whatever He is about is GOOD!!!

Praying for you! I'm headed over to visit with Tracy at her site.


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Leah - oh sister Yes I totally agree with you. I think so - in every example you have listened. things are especially happening over here at STMM. it is exciting and "wowing".

hey - are you going to San Antonio this summer or end of August???

talk soon - thank you

Leah said...


Wouldn't miss the Siesta Fiesta for the world? We are actually going out early for the Lifeway leadership thingy the two days prior to the Beth event. Can't remember where we are staying...somewhere downtown. My BFF Cindy is going with me. See you there???