Thursday, April 17, 2008

572 - Coming into my own

Precious Lord, fill me today. Fill me with love, grace, mercy, kindness - all the things that I have already been given to the full measure... But in my asking to be given what I already possess it is more like a prayer of forgiveness. I do realize I have been given all I could ever need and yet I am unsure how to manifest it on certain days. SO Lord, do it in me - make me who I am because of who You are!! I want to serve you today and forever, but today is what we have to do this day. Lord, thank you for your patience!! Oh Lord, I praise you!! I am so thrilled to be your child. Thank you!

I leave tomorrow to go to Salem, Il. for a dinner event. It is going to be a fun one. We are talking about the blessings of God. I love it! Who doesn't like talking about what our Lord has done for us - we can just stop at the Cross. Tucker had All-Star try-outs last night for baseball. He did so terrible that he would not make the team. I am not sure what was his deal. He could not hit a thing or catch anything. Nerves - I am not sure. He gets to try again on Saturday... My friend that we prayed for yesterday is in really good spirits it sounds. They are still running some tests, but do think that it could just be from an illness he had a few weeks ago and his body was deplete of everything! Oh Lord, let it be!! Please Father. The biggest loser contest is still going on in my aerobics class. I am not doing so well. I mean I am a loser, but not in the positive/negative sense. Ugh!! I have lost 5, but can not seem to get past that! Why can I not just walk away from the table... I can promise you it is not because I am some awesome cook. I might even be back up 2 when it is all said and done today... I won't be the first to pay for gaining, but I sure hate it! ugh! I leave for the cruise with my husband in just about 1 month - the pressure is on.

Lord Jesus, how many times do you try to tell me to wait on this or that and I just can not. The very worst cases I take things into my own hands try to help You out. My goodness that must irritate and anger you at times. I know it must. I think about the times my kids do something wrong or even just make a mistake and try to make it right or fix the situation. Coming down the stairs and you walk through the eating area. My shoes will almost stick to the ground because of something that was spilled and not cleaned up properly. After the thorough investigation I come to find out that someone (Elleigh) had spilled their juice and tried to clean it up. Of course she just wiped over it one time and used no water or soap or anything. But the bottom line was that she thought she was ready to use a regular cup. She was thinking her time had come to graduate to the next level when in fact she is in no way ready for the higher level of drinking from a cup. Her time had not come!!!

Gal. 4:4 "But when the time had fully come, God sent His son..." There are a few words in this passage that explain exactly what is going on if we look closer. The word time can be translated as "chronos". Looks a lot like where we get our word chronological. Chronos is a period of measured time - not so much time that has passed because of certain event or accomplishments. The time passing as it pertains to accomplishments is kairos. And then the word "fully" can be translated as full, fill up, or a completion of a period of time that was previously ordained and appointed.

When I first read that passage I just glanced over the specifics - much like I always do since I am not a details person. Basically I was just reading that the time had come for Jesus to be born - period. But as the Holy Spirit began to prompt me to look closer I saw some interesting things. Of course God had a perfect time to send His son into the world. It was not only the perfect time, but everything else was complete up until that moment. There had been the certain amount of measure time that had elapsed, but also events within that time had come to fruition and been completely complete or full - if you will. This is the same idea of Christ being fully man and fully God. There was no lacking and nothing more that needed to be added. He was all and it was all completed!! Ordained, appointed, prescribed - He had done His thang!

Because everything has its appointed time and purpose, when I push things to happen or even when I get impatient and stew I am not helping the situation out at all. This is the very reason doctors want to leave a premature baby in the momma until the very last second. Each and everyday with or within the momma is good - considering her body is not harming it. But they want to wait until the lungs are more developed, wait for this or that to come into its own, wait until the completion if they can. The doctors have a reason for waiting - waiting for other things to be full and really. The same is so true of our walk with the Lord. God will take us to the next level of whatever we are to enter - pain or blessing - when we are full. He will allow us to go into the next realm of leaning when all the other things have come to completion and the time has come. "But when the time had FULLY come..."

Lord, help me to be patient. But not just patient, but willing to wait until your perfect timing. Help me to not try to make things happen on my own, but wait until the time is fully ready for my next adventure. I do not want to get ahead of you Lord. I don't want to lag behind either. Lord, help me to keep your pace and walk in you light and wisdom. Show me the times we get out of rhythm. Lord I am yours - thank you for that!! I love you!!

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