Saturday, May 10, 2008

589 - Emmajoy Sings

This will be my last post until almost June. I leave on Thursday to go on the cruise and am not going to be back until Memorial Day. I thought I would leave you will a post to come back and enjoy many times while I am gone. Makes a momma proud! Maybe some day she will lead worship before my witty and hilarious Sarahjane gets up and gives a Word. It could be a powerful combo. Only He knows and only a momma can dream. hee hee!!

Love you all!! Thank you for your prayers and support! Please pray for safety, the kids, and of course the parents keeping the kids!! Oh and for good weather too! I hope you enjoy!!

If you don't mind - please leave a comment for Emmajoy. She is so excited to have this for the world to see. Hopefully all the girls and I will sing as a group this summer for the church. Not sure we will post that one!!


Dori said...

Dear Emmajoy,

I was so blessed by your singing "How Deep the Father's Love for Us!" How did you know that was one of my favorite songs?

You keep singing for God -- He is most worthy of praise -- above anyone on earth!

Oh, and did you know that I really like your Mom? She's a sweet friend and just as talented as you in making God famous!

Thank you again for giving me an early Mother's Day gift -- your praise. It blessed my heart!!


Nicki said...

That was so sweet Ms.Emma!! I loved it!! You have such a pretty voice! keep singing for Him!

Valarie said...

YAY EMMA JOY!!!!! I know that Jesus was smiling on you girl!! In fact, I'm thinking that He's STILL smiling!! That was amazing! I'm so proud of you!!

Just remember to send me an autographed copy of your first CD!! ;-)

Good job and keep it up. God has blessed you with a special gift - use it only for His glory sweet girl!!!

Love you!
Ms. Valarie

beckyjomama said...

Miss Emmajoy - you ROCK girlie!

That was beee-uuuu-ti-fullll!!!

Have a good break!

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

Aloha Emmajoy!
What a great song to sing. :)
You are such a doll!

Joytrachsel said...


First of all I love your name.

What a beautiful voice you have and what a wonderful way to use your talent.

I want to be the first one to buy your CD when it comes out.

Keep on singin'

Lucy said...

Dear Emmajoy,

I am just blown away!!! You did such a good job. I'd be willing to bet that God was watching you and saying, "That's my girl right there!" Don't stop singing for Him, little girlfriend!!!

Mama Susie said...

Dear Emmajoy,
You make me so proud. I love your sweet voice and beautiful song. I hope you will continue to sing for God. Maybe someday you and your mom will team together to serve God. I love you.
Mama Susie

JenB said...

Oh my word! Emmajoy, you are so big! How brave of you to stand up and sing in church!! Honey, I remember when you were born. What a talented little lady you've turned into. Great job!!
Becca says Hi.

Miss Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Emmajoy: I don't know you personally but I know you through the spirit and my spirit tells me that you are a chosen one of God. A princess of the Most High King! I praise Him for using you to shine His light through. Keep praising Him sweetheart; you have been a blessing to me today and for that I thank you. Love and blessings :)

Laura said...

thank you for blessing us with your singing and praising Jesus!
You are letting your light shine for all the world to see and using your talents that God has given you. I bet He is smiling so BIG at you! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world...I know that the Father is soooo pleased with you!
Miss Teresa (momma's friend)
Braden, TN

Anonymous said...

Way to go Emmajoy! I'm very impressed! The Lord has definitely blessed you with a special talent!

Michelle V said...

Emmajoy that was wonderful! What a blessing you are and I Praise God for you! Keep singing for His Glory!


Patty said...

You sang that song so beautifully!! You have a wonderful voice and keep singing for God. I love your dress and your hair is so pretty!!! I know you made God smile as you were singing!!

Sarah Martin said...

That just made my whole day! Too precious!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Oh girls - thank you so much for the encouragement - even if i asked for it - for Emmajoy. It is so wonderful that you would take the time to do it!! It encourages me!! thank you thank you thank you!!

Even my own momma posted her first ever comment - Grandma's will do anyhting for their grandkids... thanks mom. Emmajoy said - Mamma Susie knows about your blog??? hee hee Hope you had a great Mother's Day. It was one of my best!! Thanks for coming to see us! love, Leigh

connorcolesmom said...

She is precious!!
I love when she starts to kind of wiggle/dance in the middle and she just smiles so big!
She put a smile on my face - what a blessing
I also read the post about your friend - I am praying for her
Have a great trip
I can't wait to see in SA
Much love

3girlsmom said...

That was seriously one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. She is precious and really talented! Her name is really fitting - she radiates.
Kudos to her for singing that song, too! It's WORDY! It's not an easy one to memorize!

Darlene R. said...

Emmajoy, you did such a great job singing! My little girl is almost your age and she loves to sing!

Is Joy your middle name? Joy just happens to be my middle name!

Keep praising our Jesus!

Melissa said...

Emma Joy! YOU sang the whole thing without one mistake! GIRL! You are so big and did such a great job! I am so proud of you!! :)
Love you still!

Irritable Mother said...

What a nice job you did singing that song! I, too, am sure God was smiling at you as you sang. He loves you so very much, and I believe you're delighting His heart.

Missy said...

You go Emmajoy!!! That was really beautiful. You sounded much better than the man on Momma's blog! :)

Dianne said...

How beautiful! I tried to post once, but not sure it went through. Hopefully I'm not repeating myself but I so enjoyed hearing you sing praises to Jesus!
Love ya,

Faith said...

Emmajoy, that was just beautiful! I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming. I know that your praises blessed the Father's heart.
Love you! Faith and Chad

Honea Household said...

Aww, reminded me of me when I was a child. I loved to sing, and still do! And I started singing at a very young age, just like her. It's just precious.

Maria Cristina said...

Emma Joy, I *LOVED* listening to you sing!!!!! You sing beautifully!!!!!!

Leigh, thank you for the amazing blog you keep - I reap more inspiration from it than I'll ever be able to express. I can't WAIT to meet you in San Antone!

maria cristina

maria said...

Emmajoy, you did an awesome job. I had a Kool-Aid smile the entire time I watched the video. I have always loved that song. I love it even more now and will think of your precious praise every time I hear it. I know you warmed the Father's heart also. I will have to show Chloe. We miss you guys. Happy to see you are doing well.


Joyfulsister said...

Emmajoy.. You have blessed my heart.. Keep singing for the Lord little song song bird for Jesus..

Leigh said...


I hoipe you had a great time on your cruise!

Melissa May said...

That was so beautiful!!!!! And I know that as much as it was a blessing for each of us who gets to listen now and for those who heard you at church that day, that our Father was and is DELIGHTED everytime your song gets played. : )

Lindsee said...

Seriously, there is something about children singing that always get's me. Maybe it's because I sang when I was little? Maybe it's because the innocence of it all. Either way, that was precious. I sang along with her the whole time.

Emmajoy, keep singing sweet girl. You are precious!


Deborah said...

Heard you are home again, welcome back. Emmajoy your beautiful keep going for Jesus, precious one. love always me

Anonymous said...


You are so precious and it is awesome that you are so willing to be used by God. You have such a sweet spirit that comes through everything you do. Keep singing and I look forward to hearing it in person one day.
Love You!