Wednesday, May 28, 2008

590 - Groove is in the House!

Oh Lord Jesus - I can not say thank you enough for the amazing time you had for me in the land that I will probably never return - Venice, Italy and the complete country of Croatia. Your beauty is indescribable and nothing like i have ever seen in this land before. Even the ship we were on was incredible. 5 Stars is considered elite and privileged - this was a 6 Star ship. The people on the ship - many of my husband's customers, etc. were big time wealthy. I don't just mean have money - I mean got LOTS - private jets, many houses, jewels - what you would see on TV. But anyway, they were super impressed with this ship and told us that we would probably never be satisfied on a regular ship after being on this one twice. I would be willing to take that chance to find out - ha ha!

I am still trying to digest all that I saw, experienced, learned, and just stood in complete awe. I will be glad to post some pictures soon. I just have laundry, sleep confusion, bill catch up, ministry deadlines, and a cagillion emails to check. I love emails and computers, but right now it is a chore. School is almost out for us. We go a long time, but have many breaks throughout. I think I had rather have straight school and longer summer. I think! Anyway - It is so good to be back, back in my bed, and back with my munchkins. It is so good to be back to routine and faithful to meeting with you Lord. Lord, thank you again!! Thank you!!

Father, right before I left you lead me to study Joshua. I started, but then forgot what I had learned. So I started over again today and know exactly why I am here. God has so changed my perspective I often wonder if someone has exchanged my brain during the night and didn't let me know. I have thoughts that do not seem like the Leigh I know, but so much better than I could imagine my mind ever going. What I mean is that I can personally see and feel You Lord, aligning my very own self with Your ways and thoughts - I am being invaded and it is such a joy and freedom. It is as close to an out of body experience as I think I will ever come without actually dieing. (I know i have totally tripped some people out or you think i have tripped out, ha ha, but I am just trying to describe what God has done to me.)

Joshua 1:1-2 just speak volumes to me. Everything in my life is new - I mean the surroundings, the people, the ministry, the town, the church, everything!!! Just as the writer is telling Joshua in a polite way - Moses is dead, he did a great job - but we have got to move on. I see the same in my life. I feel like You are saying to me, "Leigh, I have changed everything and that is good. It is time to move on and really live out your new thought processes and way of life. It is time to put in motion this new plan I have for you. The old was good, but now we have different and better." In the process I know God has asked me to lay down my dreams - every one of them. He has asked me to let go of what I expect or my expectations. He has asked me to trust and to go with it. He has asked me to let go and hold on. He has asked me to be accepting to this change and be ready to move on. He has again asked me to comply with Radical Obedience.

This radical obedience is so much different than what I would want in the past. This radical obedience is not me, or the old me. God constantly reminds us to hide behind the Cross. He tells us to deny all and exalt Him. He tells us to glorify Him. In the past those are all things that I have wanted to do one some level and that level has always been with great expectations and dreams. I wanted to do all those things, but on a huge, grand scale. Those are thoughts of the past. Now the Lord is taking the Prayer of Jabez and reversing it for me. This new level of Radical Obedience is asking me to go close to home. How can i make a difference in my own backyard? How can I help bring change in one person's life that is within minutes of my own home? How can show the Love of the Lord to those within an hour's radius? How can I spread the Joy of Jesus in the state of Illinois? How can I train up these kids in my own house? What can I do to bring my church closer to Thee?

This is radical for me. And yet, these are the thoughts that have overtaken my life and every day thinking. This is not Leigh, this is not even close to my personality. But this is part of the invasion that I blog about a few days - or month ago. He has rearranged my thoughts, He has aligned me with His ways, and now I have a full picture of the direction I am to go. Will He still send me across the planet from time to time - I am open to it. Will He still have me go here and there? Yes, I think so - but my focus is so different and clear! Praise you Lord. I feel like my toes are wet and I am about to take the first big step into the Land. It looks so different than what I was expecting!! I like it Lord - thank you!! You are amazing!!


Anonymous said...

Good morning, my friend! So glad you are back safe and sound (and tripping! love it!) missed you!
Braden, TN

Leah in Iowa said...

Both your trip and the ship sound amazing. I'll be watching for more posts and pictures!

PTL at what He's doing in your life! I know you will be faithful to what He calls you to do.

Love and prayers as you walk daily, close to him,

~ Leah

Leah said...

Hi Leigh,

I see there is another "Leah" who has commented on your blog. Cool!! I'll pop over and meet her in a minute but first I wanted to tell you about an awesome study on Joshua that I did a couple of years ago. It is written by Blackaby and Blackaby---father and son and is entitled "Called to Be God's Leader". I learned so much and have used the things I learned over and over. Check it out!!


Toknowhim said...

I am with you on the Radical Obedience thing... In the last few months I feel God is calling me to be radically obedient, and it is like nothing I have experienced before... I am very new to the process, but it is exciting... Blessings as your obey radically our King!!

Lindsee said...

Have never been on a cruise, but have been to Venice and absolutely LOVED it. It is gorgeous. Really, all of Italy was fabulous! Glad your trip was great and glad you are back!


Caroline said...

I love the Psalm that says that when I delight myself in the Lord He gives me the desires of my heart. His word is alive and changes us from the inside out. I find myself desiring the same things He desires. I love the Word, God is so good.