Monday, June 02, 2008

592 - Rest or Work?

Lord Jesus, many things that I do so often are up for evaluation. I have started many projects at different churches only to stick with it for a couple of years. At first I really had trouble with that. Why did I do something only for a certain amount of time and then move on? Was it a result of my moving so much in my life? Can I not hold to anything? But graciously God showed me that I am a planter, delegator, and visionary. There are times that God calls people to a task and expects them to stay with it forever. And in my opinion which no one is asking for, more often I think all too often many people stick to something way long after God has called them away. So I say all that to say I have been evaluating my blog lately.

It was very difficult to find time to do my quiet time on the cruise. We were literally go go go and always having to entertain someone. We were up at the crack of dawn and not going to bed til very very late. I don't do well without sleep and certainly not in that time zone. So as i desperately wanted to spend time with the Lord, I have to say I did not miss so much blogging and trying to be some what eloquent in my prayers for the Lord.

Every person has such a different reason for blogging. Some are keeping their family informed, some are keeping their personal ministries (speakers, writers, pastors, etc.) informed, some are just trying to be funny, some are seeking friends, and some are just doing their thing they have always done - just different. I have always been a journaler from about 5th grade. So when my friends from the college ministry made me aware of blogging I jumped right in and picked up in what I had already been doing - a prayer journal to the Lord - just in a different style and organization. I loved the concept and everything!

Even though it is a prayer to the Lord I still love to hear from people if they agree with what I have gleaned from Him or whatever is going on in my life. So when I was on the cruise and not able to blog I was thinking much about maybe just taking a break from it. I questioned the Lord about my motives and thought is this another thing I am going to move on from? Is this a plant that was nurtured for a while and then going to move on for someone else to grow on their own personal blogs?

When I got home from everything I had emails asking when I would be back posting. I had emails from kind folks. I had sweet letters. I quickly said, "But Lord this is for You, this blog has nothing to do with what other people think or desire - should I keep on? or should I rest?" Then the Word came....

Joshua 1:12-18 This is a time and group of people that really enjoyed and liked the land just east of the Promised Land. They really wanted to settle there. So Moses with God's approval gave that land to those people with one condition. When the other people go in to take over the Promised Land their fighting men must come out of rest and help to do so. See these people had been in a time of rest. They had found where their feet would land and were resting until the time came for their services to be needed.

I love that they held up to their end of the deal. How often does that happen anymore? I love the fact that God had given them rest, but also called them back out as well. I love that He changes our plan, but then allows us to go right back at it. I love that God allows us to take a timeout. I love when they answered Joshua they were extremely encouraging and enthusiastic. "We will do as you have commanded and we will go where you send us - no problem."

Lord for me - thank you for the rest. Thank you for the clear time away for thoughts, reflection, and most of all I could not help but worship with that incredible scenery. Lord, thank you. Thank you for the encouragement from others, but more than anything the instructions from you. Lord, thank you for your Word and that You speak to me. Thank you for the future and past. Thank you Father for it all!! I love you Lord.

We have so much going on this week. Last day of school for my kids. We have 3 games this week. Tucker has basketball camp in Norris City. The girls have swimming practice. I still have 5 million cagillion emails to get to................. ministry is moving along so well I can not keep up. My book will be completely finished in just a few days. Just a few more questions... My goodness things are hoping. I am really excited for this summer. I love baseball. I love watching the kids. I hope the girls like swimming. Lord, please help Tucker to pull through and start hitting again. He is having such a hard, hard year. If he could just get one hit I think his confidence would return and things would turn for him. Oh Lord, it hurts so bad to see him hurting. Come to his rescue!! Lord, please! Well I need to get the day started!! I love you!


Fran said...

This was such an awesome post Leigh!

You bless me always and your wisdom is beautiful.

Press on sweet friend. Press in and press on! :)


Kim said...

I am going to pray specifically for Tucker. It is a BIG deal for him - My parents traveled three hours to see Sam play - he had been knocking the ball hard - until Mimi and Poppy showed up - he tried so hard to hit a homeron that he struck out ALL three times at bat - it rattled his confidence so that he cried because he was so frustrated. (And this is a child who SELDOM cries) I hated it for him....So from a mom's heart - I know where you are....hang in there. I pray things improve soon. Remember our best lessons are learned during the pruning phase.


Melissa May said...

Funny that I just commented about rest. : ) May Jesus lead You about blogging and journaling and resting and when and how and where and why!