Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Does Your Faith Have Feet?

Can you say you have compassion for someone or feel compassionate about a situation and not be moved to do something about it? If you break the word down, doesn’t it mean “with passion”? Passion, many times, is the very thing that causes people to do extraordinary acts in the name of Christ. At some point in his life, the person was so moved with passion that he couldn’t help but be changed and do something.

I was driving down the road with girls in tow. We hit a bump and Sarahjane’s doll went flying in the air and landed just far enough away from her that she couldn’t reach it. Emmajoy was comfortably reclined back in her seat “reading” her children’s Bible when she saw the whole thing happen and remarked, “Awe, Sarahjane, I am sorry your doll fell on the floor.”

I turned my head to see the results of the terrible pothole in the road, not the driver’s maneuvers, had caused. Ha ha!! I sweetly asked Emmajoy to put her book down and get the doll for Sarahjane. She exclaimed, “Mom, I am reading my Bible. I can’t stop and get it for her.” My sweet words quickly turned to fury as I calmly retaliated, “Emmajoy, do you know how many times I have pulled this car over for you to pick up a doll, drink, candy, or woobie? You put your Bible down right now and get your sister’s doll.”

There are so many times we go to the Bible and leave unchanged. We read the Word and think we have ingested it and walk away with no passion about its power. Like Emmajoy, when the test comes, we fail big time because we never have felt compassionate about all our Savior did for us on the Cross.

I challenge you today to truly seek compassion in your daily lives without judgment. If your husband needs encouragement take a moment to write him a note. If a friend is in need, go the extra mile. If your child is in need of a special moment with you, make it happen! Put feet to your faith and allow the Spirit”s compassion to rule your actions.

“The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.”
Psalms 19:8b


Fran said...

Excellent Leigh! How many times do I go after Him, seek Him, study, etc and leave unchanged??

Fill me with some passion Lord!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Wonderful story.....
and SO TRUE.
You have such a gift for conveying the love of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Leigh I added you to my blogroll, I hope you don't mind. Keep doing what you do best!

Love ya

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Tracy - that was really kind of you!! thank you so much!! have an awesome day!! Leigh

Laura said...

Like Tracy said, you are on my blogroll too.
Just wanted to thank you for allowing God to minister thru you, for being open and real...and for pouring out what He is pouring into you. You have no idea how many times you have blessed me abundantly and had a Word in the perfect time.
May God continue to make His face to shine upon you.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

wow Laura - thank you too!!

Encouragement is huge to me - my love language or the real term, words of affirmation! Thank you, you have blessed me increidbly!!

love, Leigh

Lindsee said...

Amen, Leigh!

My prayer is that each time I read the word I would be changed by it. But too many times I walk away unchanged. How sad! Thank you for this reminder that HIS word DOES change hearts!

Much love to you, sweet Leigh! CANNOT wait to hug your neck in just a few months!!!