Thursday, July 03, 2008

607 - My New Sister

This is a true picture of how wonderful my day has been!!! God sent fireworks before it was dark on this day! Read on!!
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I have a new sister. One that I knew I would have some day, but I was not expecting it at this time. How sweet the Lord is to bring her to me at this time!! She is adorable. She is blonde. She is a bit smaller than me. She is cute as a button. She is VERY witty. She is a lover of animals. She is energetic even when it hurts. She loves the friends she loves. I would like to introduce you to my new sister - Sarahjane Louise Gray!!! otherwise known as "Stink Master Jam"!

She came to us last night with a big time crocodile tears wanting to ask Jesus in her heart. She said something about screaming too much and wanting to make a change in her life - how cute. She said she was ready to ask Jesus in her heart. We have gone down the road many times with her, but she could never answer any of the questions right. This time she was on the money - her Sunday School teacher is incredible - Mrs. Brenda!!! We asked her if she wanted to speak to the pastor the next day and she said yes oh yes. We told her to go to bed and pray through it all. She woke up this morning ready to go see Pastor Luke!! He explained it all beautifully and we now have another Sister Christian in our family! Thank you Father - praise you Lord!!

And this is the Stink Master Jam - or another name at this time in her

life is "Jackie" or Jack-o-lantern

After one of Sarahjane's many doctor's appointments the girls and I went to have our toes painted and get new purses - a girl has to have a new purse. I remember carrying one like this when I was small - with my tennis racket of course - and I left it in the shoes store and it was gone when we went back to get it. It was denim blue.

I love how her arm is around her big sissy!! Elleigh, Emmajoy, and Sarahjane!

Here are the toes painted - and one set of hands. Mom, who do think had to be different and get fingers instead of toes??? Yep - SJ!!!!!!!

This is a group of girls and one brave boy that we took to Holiday World! It was a fun, fun day!!

Here is Emmajoy's lucky swimming partner - Stroke! I just hope he doesn't!

It really does dedication to stay the whole time during a swimming match, I mean meet. And the fact that your sister's races are only 25 to 30 seconds long is a testimony to that! These girlies wanted to go swimming so badly too!


Dori said...

Oh Leigh...
This is the sweetest post! I love it!!

I'm so happy for Sarahjane! What a huge thing and what a great time for God to send you a huge blessing in the middle of doctor's appointments and diagnoses!

Still working on my Priscilla notes for you. I'll have them ready today. Can't wait for you to read them.

Love you dearly and if I could ring your doorbell at 6:30 next Thursday night, you know I most certainly would...hmmmm, maybe I should! :)

Blessings and much love, friend!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Yeah Dori - grab ginger on the way and ya'll come, ya hear???

love you! Leigh

Valarie said...

Oh girl! Praise the Lord! He is so good! Here we are in the midst of all this "stuff" and He chooses this time to melt that sweet little heart! OH I LOVE IT!! Give her a big squeeze for me!!

Love this post and can't even believe how those girls are growing! So cute!
Love ya.
PS. I don't know what's happening Thursday, but can I come too?! ;-)

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Yeah Val - come on!!! I am having an At Home party on thursday here at mi casa!! you are more than welcomed too. It is a lot like Southern Living, but they don't have that here that I have seen...

love you and see you on thursday...

Fran said...

Just beautiful Leigh. Just beautiful!!!

Big hugs~

fuzzytop said...

Just beautiful Leigh! I'm so happy for you and our new sister, SarahJane! She is precious!


ocean mommy said...

:) That is a beautiful post!! And I had one of those purses too! LOVE THEM! :) Mine was green and had little navy whales on it.

Your girls are just precious.

Have a wonderful weekend

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

That is so awesome!! I love all their little toes!! And fingers! =) Praise the Lord for such awesome news!!

JenB said...

Praise the Lord! Yay Sarahjane! The angels are rejoicing in heaven.
We love you! I can't wait to tell Becca. She got a little upset the other day saying how she missed you. You're still her special friend.

Lisa said...

Loved this post...what an awesome blessing to get to post!! Praise God for Sarahjane's decision. And the girls are just beautiful. Really growing.

Be in touch soon!
Lisa :)

Leah said...

Welcome to the kingdom, sweet Sister Sarahjane!! God's got some awesome things in store for you!!


Laura said...

Hallelujah! I can't wait til that's me with my little girl someday too ;)
And what a reflection this is on SarahJane's Mommy ;) She's already walking in her Mama's footsteps in lovin' the Lord Big ;)