Friday, July 18, 2008

615 - I'll Be Back

I wish I had voice activate blogging - is there such thing?? - I would be screaming this praise to you! We took Sarahjane to the eye doctor - something very common with JRA patients - and there was no damage or expected inflammation behind the eyes - or something like that. All i know is there is nothing!!! In fact - he was examining one eye and said it was fine. Then he took about 10 minutes on the other eye. Finally he said it was fine too. He said, "I saw the bad cells I was looking for and then all of a sudden they were gone. I have been trying to relocate them, but I just can not find them again. Maybe they were just not there. But anyway that eyes is great as well and she sees perfectly."

"We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name." Ps. 33:20

So this is the last day for tennis camp until next week. Wow - I am tired and the kids are even more so!! Tucker's team did lose one game, but won last night... again... Really I am thrilled, just tired!! So we play again tonight at 6pm, if they win we play again on Saturday, have another swim meet, tennis camp again all next week, and were suppose to go to a St. Louis game on oh my!!

Holding strong!! ha ha! Just joking!!


FGBC Girlfriends/NB said...

Dear Friend, how can we not praise His name?!! I am learning so much here how small my faith is. Isn't it great how He takes that little tiny mustard seed and does miraculous things? Bless Him and bless you and your precious little one for the good report! There are not enough exclamation points to share how I am praising Him with you all! I love you!

God is doing a great work all over this nation. Isn't it great to be in the middle of it?!

Norma Bowers

Dori said...

Cells once there but not there now? That sounds like "healed" to me! :)

He is so good!!!

Love you,

Susan said...

Hi Leigh!

What WONDERFUL news!!! Our God truly is an awesome God!

Enjoy the weekend.

Rejoicing with you,
Susan :)

Shonda said...

Praise the Lord--I've been praying!

Engrafted by grace-

Andy and Laura said...

LEIGH! I cant believe it! you may not remember me, but this is laura high (now debruhl) and i was good friends with amber norkett! i came to your house a few times to chat and hang out! I am so glad to have your blog address to keep up and continue to learn from what God is doing through you! Hope all is well!

Shelly said...

I've missed you!
I hopped over here after seeing your darling and hysterical facebook profile picture. Love you

Sarah Martin said...

Leigh, so glad to hear the great news. I was just thinking about you before I logged on and had planned to email you to get an update about little SarahJane. Praise the Lord-