Wednesday, July 16, 2008

614 - Phewwwww - it's HOT

Wow - the week is half way over, and not that I am counting, but my goodness most would have done what we have had to do in 3 days in at least 2 weeks. And it is HOT!!!!!

Girls had a swim meet last night and my son had the start of his PONY Baseball Tourney. They are favored to win, but their toughest competition will be tonight. But in the mean time we have tennis camp this morning, tennis lessons in Evansville, and then another baseball game tonight. It is a bit stretching this week. Kids are really tired, I know!! We will make it! No different than anyone else right now. I think!

I wanted to invite everyone to go to the Speaking Thru Me website to see a bit more of what we have done. In general the speakers have been added but not their bios - that is coming. But I wanted you to be able to go check them out. There are 2 or 3 more speakers still to be added. The "store" is still under construction as well. But it is all coming!!

Hope your day is relaxed!! I am having a blast, just tired - but a good tired!! Thank you for your prayers - now off to the WORD!

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Joyful said...

Leigh I think this ministry is so amazing. I was sharing with Leah that God has directed me not to take any money when speaking, so I can so relate to your ministry here. Leah was actually sending me an information package from this ministry as I was asking her if any of the speakers here ever came to Canada. I'm looking forward to receiving it.

Try and stay cool and enjoy your weekend.
PS. I tried to e-mail you a question about the purses you advertise on your side-bar, but couldn't get the e-mail to work.