Tuesday, August 12, 2008

620 - Overflowing Love

Oh Lord, thank you for last night. This summer the girls in our youth group have met 4 times and had what I thought was an amazing time. I have loved every minute of it. The first month they all came over had dinner, went to DQ, Bible study, and then spent the night - all over my house!! I loved it!!!!!!!

The next month I was not able to attend because I was too consumed with the new news about my daughter SJ. Holly, our youth ministers wife, still met with them and had a really cool time! Holly loves those girls more than they realize and pours her life into them! She is one of my heros! and so stinkin' creative!! love it!

The last 2 times that we met were not very far apart. But awesome. Technically in July, we went to a homeless men's shelter in Evansville. It was a "home" for men, but all kids of people eat at the kitchen. We fixed them the most awesome spaghetti dinner on the planet. All the girls worked like a well oiled machine and it was awesome. I was so very touched and even taken back at the faces of Jesus that I saw that day. Some of the faces looked as if they just got off the street - of course - but there were a few that looked as if they had just gotten off a golf course - no kidding! It was way out of my comfort zone, but so good for me to do that!! I can not wait for another opportunity to go back!!

And then last night may have been the best night of all. We went to a Nursing home here in town and gave out book marks of our favorite scriptures. Now please don't judge me too harshly, but I am scared to death of really old people. I don't know if it is because i really didn't grow up around any grandparents or what... But this was way out of my comfort zone and really tough - before i got there. I tried to make up every excuse in the book to not go. I was having a hard time finding a sitter which turned out to be a blessing.

I did pawn off Tucker to a friend, Holly's husband, but brought my girlies with me. They were my salvation - ha ha! Of course the older people wanted to love and hug on them. And my girls were not scared!! I think mainly because their grandparents are not old. Anyway... I can not wait to go back to that either!! I saw all the girls come out of their shells passing out bookmarks, talking to those that had no idea anyone was even there, and even consoling those that were asking to be taken home, i mean really home!! Broke my heart!

I did find a special lady and Emmajoy's favorite, named Marie - self proclaimed Cookie Monster. She was all shrivelled up with arthritis i suppose, but very much had all her faculties!! She was a Christian and asked if me and my girls were believers. Then her reply stunned me - "I knew that, I knew you were a Christian." That about made me have to walk away and have a good cry.

Here i was scared to death, afraid that I was going to break someone, or get hurt myself, and the Lord Almighty made Himself apparent on my face and in my speech. His amazing grace and mercy!!! I was so scared that I thought i could have possibly left Him in the van with my purse. But no way - He doesn't work that way. He came with me and even showed up in a huge and mighty way. He does not disappoint, He does not let down, He does not NOT come. He is there, He is real, He looks different everyday, and He is faithful even when i am scared and terrified! Oh Lord praise you!!

Oh one other miracle - Holly played the piano and we all sang hymns. I actually sounded ok - He showed up!!!!!!! I do know He did!!! Hymns are way out of my range usually and it was ok - no one turned away or rolled away. They smiled, some of them did, they clapped, some of them did, and they sang, some of them did! It was awesome!!! I loved it!!

My girls and I will go back and hopefully the whole family. That is it - Family night at the Nursing Home - that will thrill my son that is just so cool i can hardly stand it - and i think he can hardly stand himself too!! Ugh!

Lord, thank you!! Thank you for the praise time and scripture reading this morning! Thank you for the encouraging word to Val. Come through for them soon, Lord. I know You will. Well, we are off today to shop for some last items for school. Yeah! I love to shop with 4 kids - NOT! I love You Jesus - what will you look like today?

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' Matt. 25:40


Teresa said...

Praising with you my friend! What an awesome word for you.."I knew you were a Christian!" Love it!

We too are off to shop for school today...only 3 kids, (but one is a teenage girl, so that counts extra!)

love you!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

teresa - great to see you commenting and it not be anonymous!!! hee hee I am proud for you!!

have a great time shopping.. we are about to leave too!! well, if it only took us less than 30 mintues to get out the door. ha ha

love you sister!

Fran said...

What a precious group of girls and what wonderful things you are doing with and for them.

Thank you for the scripture.
Hope you have a great day!