Monday, August 11, 2008

618 - Welcome Home!

"Time keeps slipping, slipping, slipping into the future!!" That is my life, but good. I can not believe that July hit with baseball and tennis camp and before I knew it I was in Gulf Shores for vacation and it was August. Wow - time slipped away, but it was such a great time. What an awesome summer. Ready for school - oh yes!! I got up just a tad later than my "school" get up time to begin adjusting myself to that kind of schedule again. It will probably take a few sweet teas to get me through the day - ha! But i am more than ready! Next on the agenda is a trip to Cinn. on Thursday for SJ's doctor's appointment. And then the following weekend I go to SA for LPL with Ginger Moore my ministry partner. We are so pumped!! The best part is that many of the other speakers in the ministry will be there - yeah!

When I come to meet with the Lord at these wee hours in the morning, at least they seem wee to me, it can take me some time before I am actually awake and going. I try to do a few things before I actually lay back face down to talk with the Lord. But if i am not careful and i begin to "listen" too intently I will find myself asleep quickly. How can it be that the time that I am coming to the Lord to get infused with power, love, might, strength, and all the wonderful gifts He can renew each day that I would fall asleep? How can this be?

Luke 9:32 "Peter and his companions were very sleepy, but when they became fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him." This scripture is from the time that Jesus took His closest buddies to the mountain to see Him transfigured right before their eyes. They got to see His glory all for themselves. But what if they had never "fully awoke"?

I can not help but ask myself the same question - What if I never fully awake? I am not just talking about each morning that I try to meet with the Lord, but what if I never fully awake from the this level of faith or awareness of who He is? What if i stay at this level of consciousness in my walk with the Lord and never really see my potential in the Lord and all that He could do through me and in me? What if i never wake up?

I have to wonder how many times God tried to wake me up to actually see His glory and I just rolled over? What could it have been like? What could it have been to see Him "high and lifted up" like Isaiah refers to in chapter 6? Jesus trying to take me to the next level with Him and yet I had rather sleep, stay comfortable, not get up or actually down in a bow to Him, just want to stay all warm and cozy. This shall not be for me!

Oh Lord, I hear you loud and clear. This kind of sleeping will not be allowed in my life. I thank You for showing me this verse this morning and bringing to my attention what can happen if i just sleep and never fully awake. Oh Lord, forgive me laziness, my lack of faith, and my lack of trust in what You have for me! Lord, wake me up. Oh Lord, show me Your glory too! I want my old perspective of You to be shattered and see You in a new glorified way - like I have never before!! Oh Lord, let it be!! No matter the cost! I love you!

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