Monday, August 18, 2008

621 - Help and Shield

Oh Lord, you have had mercy and I thank you and praise You!! Great and mighty God are you and I wrap myself in your sweet aroma! Oh God how can you be this good? How can you bless so much? How can I stand another ounce of your favor in my life - Oh goodness sakes - I will, but Lord your love is overwhelming and so abundant!! Praise you Father!

We left on Thursday for my daughter's appointment in Cinn. Children's Hospital. We were able to stay with my brother's family and that was such a joy. His kids are getting so big. He lives in Erlanger, KY. right outside of Cinn.

Getting up for our 8am appointment - one hour ahead - was kind of tough! It was kind of rushed and emotions were coming closer and closer to the surface. I knew I needed to hold it together for my Janie! She had no idea what we were looking for other than her hip was sick. We had a bit more than a 20 minute drive - felt like i was back in Charlotte. As i felt the tears coming I reached for my Bible. I had not taken the time to have my QT just yet. (Honestly, I do so bad when I am not in my home and on my schedule. It is just an excuse, I know!) Anyway grabbing the Bible I did the "turn to the date" in Psalm kind of QT. Oh Lord, you blessed and I thank you so much for that!! (I have posted that scripture below...)

Verse 9-11 state that He is our "help and shield". Three times it states it. It was if the Lord was shouting out to me - Yes, you have not taken solid time for Me this morning, but nevertheless I am your "help and shield" three times over. Don't you worry.

Then verse 12-13 says three times "He will bless". It was almost too much to handle. Just then the Spirit quickly reminded me that He had given me those verses as my "help and shield" not to turn me to mush! So i held it together just a bit longer.

As we turned to go into the massive university campus hospital we had to drive deep into the earth to reach our parking spot. I thought we would surely come out in China at the Olympics - JK. As Clay rolled down the window to get the parking ticket Selah's "You Raise Me Up" came on. Yes, that did it. This song is very, very special to me. As I began to go into ministry a number of years ago on my own this song was one that HE used to comfort me and spur me on!

Once the car was parked I had it all back together and was able to "act" as if nothing was wrong - Help and Shield! Going up the elevator and walking to our Rheumatology area was frightening for both and Clay and I. We passed many kids that were bloated from meds, unable to walk because of various things, and parents in visible pain. Wow - "He will bless" in verse 12 and 13 was ringing true. Oh yes, oh yes, SJ could certainly get to those points some day and I must add "if Lord willing" even though that is tough, but for right now she was doing so well. Very energetic, and happy to just be spending time one on one time her momma and daddy. We were more than blessed!

Basically the Doctor spent about 2 hours with us the first time. She wanted me to start from conception and carry on. It was actually kind of fun to think back all the way the Lord has brought back health to SJ. She is so tough and strong - more than one time doctors commented on that. Examining her was very typical. Then we showed her some areas on her skin that have perplexed us and doctors for a long time. They too were very curious. Dr. Huggins brought in more doctors to take a look and then sent us on to a Ped. Specialist in Derm.

This doctor was named Dr. Anderson. She was awesome. Immediately she knew what they were - Granuloma Annular - just a very interesting case. But to make doubly sure they wanted to do a biopsy. Holy cow - I had not prepared SJ for that! Yikes. They put some deadening cream on her and sent us to lunch. Abuelos - what else!! When we returned they then put a shot of deadener to which SJ freaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kind of hurt even though her fit was way worse before the shot even hit her foot - silly girl. We got through it. She took a deep biopsy and sent us on our way. Wow - she was awesome despite the pain she had to inflict on my girlie!

Back to the Children's Hospital for another consultation. Dr. Huggins came in and basically told us that she was unsure at this time what exactly what going on with SJ. There was bad news and good news - some of the news was not her words, but my interpretation of what might was to come. "Help and Shield"!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Huggins explained that it very well could be a residual infection from her many step episodes long, long ago. It really could be - but not too likely. (Thanks for the hope at least.) But through all the stretching and tugging and all SJ's pain is still in the inside pocket of her hip - like around her panty line. That is real hip pain and signs of fluid on the hip. She did not think just one hip was involved, but both. UGH! Since the pain has started in her hip it is most likely that if it is Juvenile Arthritis it would be the bad one - poly-articular - and not the "good" one - pauci articular! "Help and shield"!! This pain and trouble would travel up her spine and into her neck - not where anyone would want it. We were hoping if it was down this road that it would be very extremities and one hip.

I did not think it was a good sign that the doctor did want her back on medicine - prescription meds and not just ibuprofen! Why would we need meds if she didn't predict any trouble? She also brought in a PT to show us some exercises to do so that stiffness would hopefully not be a factor! Ugh!! "Help and shield"!!

The very last thing we had to do was go to the lab and give almost every ounce of blood my baby had. This is one of the many times I really, really wanted to take her place! She did much better than the biopsy, but still. I had never seen so much blood come out of one chickie except of course when you are giving blood - ON PURPOSE!!

So we left that day with not a lot of answers. Tests should come back in a week or so and we go back to visit Dr. Huggins in 60 days. I left with Truth and that was more than enough - "Help and shield"!!!!!!

Now for school, tennis, volunterring, substitute teaching, and trip to San Antonio this weekend! There is no time to worry and who needs to when He is our "help and shield". Am i clinging to that - you bet cha!!!!!!!!!!

Psalm 115 1-2 Not for our sake, God, no, not for our sake, but for your name's sake, show your glory. Do it on account of your merciful love, do it on account of your faithful ways. Do it so none of the nations can say, "Where now, oh where is their God?"

3-8 Our God is in heaven doing whatever he wants to do. Their gods are metal and wood, handmade in a basement shop: Carved mouths that can't talk, painted eyes that can't see, Tin ears that can't hear, molded noses that can't smell, Hands that can't grasp, feet that can't walk or run, throats that never utter a sound. Those who make them have become just like them, have become just like the gods they trust.

4-9 God is higher than anything and anyone, outshining everything you can see in the skies. Who can compare with God, our God, so majestically enthroned, Surveying his magnificent heavens and earth? He picks up the poor from out of the dirt, rescues the wretched who've been thrown out with the trash, Seats them among the honored guests, a place of honor among the brightest and best. He gives childless couples a family, gives them joy as the parents of children. Hallelujah!

9-11 But you, Israel: put your trust in God! —trust your Helper! trust your Ruler! Clan of Aaron, trust in God! —trust your Helper! trust your Ruler! You who fear God, trust in God! —trust your Helper! trust your Ruler!

12-16 O God, remember us and bless us, bless the families of Israel and Aaron. And let God bless all who fear God— bless the small, bless the great. Oh, let God enlarge your families— giving growth to you, growth to your children. May you be blessed by God, by God, who made heaven and earth. The heaven of heavens is for God, but he put us in charge of the earth.

17-18 Dead people can't praise God— not a word to be heard from those buried in the ground. But we bless God, oh yes— we bless him now, we bless him always! Hallelujah!


Leah said...

Poor baby!! I'm so sorry all of you had to endure all of that. Can't wait to give you a big hug in just a few days in SA. See you there.


Teresa said...

Joining you sister in lifting praise to the High and mighty One! I will continue to pray for SJ and for all my siestas this weekend...
love ya!

Irritable Mother said...

God is good. He is our Help and Shield!
So glad you knew His presence with you through that whole experience. Keep your eyes fixed upon Him, dear sister!
Loving Jesus,

Alene said...

Hallelujah for His Help and Shield! Thank you for sharing. I've been praying and wondering. Can't wait to meet you in SA. It's amazing how we hurt when our children hurt. We'd rather endure the pain for them. Gives us just a glimpse to what God must have felt for Jesus! WOW Still praying for ya here.

Lisa said...

He is shining through you in the darkness of this situation, so I join with you in praising Him!

How pleased He must be that you are clinging to Him and the promises of His Word. Girl, it's all's all trust. Stay on your knees. You are shining, sister!

Praying for SarahJane,

Fran said...

Oh how you were on my heart this weekend. Thank you for the update and what a testimony of how beautiful our God is.

keeping you all in prayer! I'll see you this weekend and hug your neck. :)

Much love,

Joy Trachsel said...

You inspire me as you continually lean on the Lord. I will be praying for you and your family. What faith you and Clay demostrate.

Love ya lots,


Shonda said...

Wow! I'm so glad that we have the Word of God to hold onto when we face our trials. I'd been praying and wondering. I'll stay in prayer about this. I look forward to meeting you in San Antonio!
Engrafted by His Grace-

Dorothy Champagne said...

I sat here and read your blog with tears streaming down my face. My children mean the world to me and I know that God must be keeping them healthy for now - knowing that it would be too much for me to bear. How much God must know your strength, or willingness to come to the source of strength to know that you will be able to get through this storm in life with Him. I'll be praying for your little girl.

Toknowhim said...

Awesome post... These are the times when our faith is put to the test...when we walk it out. Thank you for showing that even in the unknown God is still our help and shield, and it is all for His Glory...

May we always keep that in our minds, even in the tough times. Have a blessed weekend in San Antonio...will miss all you Siestas..