Wednesday, August 20, 2008

624 - I love You!!!

Wow, what a week and it is only Wednesday. But as I sit (or lay) here today and I am so grateful I can hardly hold back the tears. Not emotional tears, these are happy, thankful tears. Today is my 14th wedding anniversary to my man!!

What a patient man! It really is not ironic that I have been put in this situation (the boots) especially on my anniversary. It is quite indicative of our relationship. He is patient with a very spontaneous person and one that can deal with whatever life brings him - or whatever his wife brings him. ha ha!

I think the greatest quality of our relationship is that we are a team! The kids do not question if we are together or not together on certain decisions. We are team! We even clean and cook together. There is not much we don't do together or at least try to do together. We gave up running together a long time ago - for 2 reasons - I started having too many babies and let's face it I run at a snail's pace. But we do celebrate at Dairy Queen together after each of our running is over.............together!!!

My Clay is my man! I love him. He had me at hello just about 16 years ago. He is my tall prince I always wanted! God has grown him so much! He is so handsome! My Clay is my man!

I love you!

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