Wednesday, August 20, 2008

625 - It is just too much!!

Lord Jesus, I just don't know how much I can handle. You know me best, but this is just more than I can bear!!! Living in Charlotte for 12 years and loving just about every minute of it. Giving me friends that I would give my life for. Sharing with us your House that has an unbelievable school to educate my kids. Then you ask us to leave.

You start me in ministry in Charlotte and it is incredible. Probably more than my family could really handle. I find myself starting my own ministry and things are hopping. You ask us to leave all I have ever known about ministry. You take from me contacts, networking, and platforms.

Now we are in Southern Illinois. VERY small town, no private schooling, no big churches, no Target, no shopping. This year alone has been quite a year. We redo a house and after a bit of controversy move to the next town over and my kids start ANOTHER new school. Then we go through a summer of tests on my little Sarahjane just waiting for a diagnosis of JRA.

Then this week I find myself nearly confined to a couch just because I was trying to be funny and have a good time. 2 boots and no walking! What more could go wrong............

Yes, oh yes, that certainly could be the perspective! But no way!!!!!!!!!!!! I do miss Charlotte and the convenience and miss terribly all my soul friends, but He has provided!! Beautifully provided! I now have a small town that reaches out and loves on those that live there just because they live there. I can walk to most places around town. I can count on seeing someone i know at every store I go in. (I happen to like that.) I can leave cash in my dry cleaning clothes by mistakes and know without a doubt that it will be pinned to my order when I come back to get it. I love that I can walk into the flower store and ask them to deliver flowers to so and so and many times they know where they live and will gladly just send me the bill in the mail. Those are just a few of the blessings. Blessings that overwhelm we with His goodness.

Ministry is different, very different, but very good. Now He has given me a team of ladies located all across the US and one incredibly talented ministry partner - Ginger Moore. He is sending me to Florida and then back to Alaska! But then He still allows me to go down the street to minister to churches of all kinds of denominations. Blessings - they overwhelm me!!

Now as i find myself with these boots on, unable to really walk, and kind of left to depend on everyone else all i can think about is blessings. People have called almost on the hour to offer meals, laundry, cleaning, kid towing, taxi-ing for me, just everything!!! Flowers have been delivered, friends have stopped by, food unexpectantly delivered, cookies left in the kitchen (cookies to DIE for i might add), etc. The body of Christ is loving on me in a way that I am overwhelmed. I just don't know how much more I can handle. It is as if I want to tell the Lord to stop the blessings flow. I know I know I know I do not deserve this. But His love through His people is just incredible!!! I am truly overwhelmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now this...............

If it wasn't enough listen to better sit down as i was when I received this call.......................................... Sarahjane's doctor from Cinn. called and said that they do not have her biopsy results back yet, but that all her labs were NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you read that right!!!!!!!! Every lab was normal. Even her labs that were JRA indicators that NEVER change in a person.........................they changed and all are normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the nurse called me yesterday in tennis practice (yes, I sit on the sidelines and yell commands!) I just cried like a baby! I told the nurse it just couldn't be. It couldn't be normal. She reassured me over and over and over it was normal!!!!!!!!!!!! All of it was normal!!!

Oh friends - do you see it? It is yet another blessing that is overwhelming me. He has done it again in my baby's life!!!! It was all normal, all the test were normal... I just can hardly contain myself. I am so overwhelmed by His blessings in my life. Oh Lord - your goodness and grace - oh Lord - how could I ever doubt..............oh Lord - me of little faith...........Oh Jesus I just want to stay face down and worship!!! oh Lord - thank you thank you thank you!

Everything that may be seen like a mess, disaster, tragedy, or even curse - It is not to harm me... ever!!! No not ever. And the same is true in your life too!

So now I am off to my own doctor. I am doing much better, i think. Hard to really know. Then tennis pictures and practice this afternoon. My friend's mom, Helen, is going to take me to a meeting tonight in Mt. Vernon. Some kind of coaching rules meeting. That will be neat spending time with her! Just another blessing!! Oh Lord, this is just too much!! Thank you!


Tara said...

Sounds like the Lord had something BETTER in store for you this weekend at "home" than you would have received in SA. :-) Thrilled for you...

fuzzytop said...

Praise God for NORMAL results!!!!



ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Totally praising the Lord with you!! This is so awesome!!

And have a had WEEK too!! Whew!! Bless your heart! I can't believe that you are in two boots!!

When "life" HAPPENS. Doesn't it???!!!

Lindsee said...

Wow! Praise the Lord! What an incredible blessing about Sarahjane! God IS good! Leigh, I so wish I could just give you a stinkin' big hug this weekend. I am still so sad you won't be there. BUT, I love that the Lord is blessing you in other ways while you sit at home! I'm praying for you!

Love you, sweet sister!


Toknowhim said...

Awesome Leigh!!! What a praise!!! Thank you for sharing about the blessings the Lord has bestowed on you and your family...You keep telling of His Wonderful Works :)
Hope you are feeling well and healing
more everyday :)

PS. I don't know if you have interest in this, but Jennifer Rothschild will be having a conference at Westside Christian in Springfield Illinois in October. If you come alone, or with a group let me know, and I will make sure to find you and give you a Siesta Hug :)


Teresa said...

You, my friend are a blessing yourself!! I count it a privlege to walk this walk with you. You encourage me and call me to climb higher with your words from the heart!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I am soo excited about SaraJane's news....NORMAL!!! God is good!! I still wish I could have seen you this weekend....but God has something mighty instore for you this weekend....and for your friend who is going in your place!! Thanks for your obediance to are an amazing mom and woman :) Take care :)

Smileyface said...

Excited for the awesome news about SJ...what a blessing...a miracle...God is so good!
Will be praying for you while you are laid up for peace and joy during this time.....and for speedy recovery!

Bridgette said...

I came on to tell you that I was looking for you at the Siesta Fiesta. I knew about the tests for you daughter, but I did not realize what had happened to you. Reading this post, just caused my mascara to run. I am so happy to hear the news about your daughter! I wish I could have met you, and I am sorry that you could not make it. But I am so thankful that God has placed you with a wonderful community and circle of friends who can minister to you. He is truly amazing! I love it when he shows his glory!
Just wanted to let you know you were missed. I'll be praying for your healing. Take a rest, rest in Him and let the people minister and love your family at this time.

Leah said...


We missed you like crazy this weekend but sounds like you and the Lord had some sweet time together.

What an awesome bit of news about your sweet little one's health. I am rejoicing with you.

Talk to you soon.


Joyful said...

Leigh, here we've been e-mailing back and forth, but I hadn't stopped by your blog in awhile. Oh my much news! Praising the Lord with you. I love your's upward!

I heard James MacDonald say on the radio last week that the attitude of gratitude sets the altitude of our life. Thinking you must be living on the mountaintop!


Holly said...

Praising the LORD Jesus with you! and FOR you!


PS I would have called this weekend, but I don't have your number. I wanted to, though. You were on my mind ALL weekend long. And I prayed for you, friend.

Valarie said...

Oh girl. My internet is off 'cause we can't pay the bill, so this is the first I've heard of this AWESOME news!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! Praise His Name!!

I'll pop on when I can and hopefully the Lord will provide so I can get my computer back up and running. UGH. Frustrating to be so disconnected!!!

Love ya though.