Wednesday, September 03, 2008

632 - Quit Smacking Your Food

As we were sitting at dinner the other day Clay and I were getting onto the kids about various things. "Hold your fork right, quit smacking, don't talk so loud and certainly not with food in your mouth, sit up, put your feet in front of you, get your elbows off the table, WAIT!!!!!!! we have not prayed yet!!" These are just a few of the one million things we have to remind them about constantly when we are eating dinner.

I guess the constant reprimands got to be too much for Tucker one day and he grumbled, "Mom, what does it matter anyway? We are just here with family and it is no big deal. Let us eat!"

He does have a point to a degree. We are just with our very own family, no company was there, and being harassed the whole time you eat can make an enjoyable time such a bummer. I did understand...but!! "We are not just eating dinner, we are preparing for game time." I explained to Tucker.

"Tucker and girls, there will come a day when you are going to be thankful that you have the proper manners when eating. Some day you will sit in front of your future in laws and they will be watching your every movement, especially how you eat. You will be at an interview luncheon and because of poor manners like not holding your fork the right way you may not get the job of your life. Strangers will be watching you and trying to figure out what it is about that you that makes you so different, refined, or a cut above. Kids, we are practicing for game time. If we don't practice they way we want to play then it will never come together at the perfect time when it really counts."

My dreamer, Emmajoy, went straight into dream mode and you could tell she was eating right in front of her in laws. Sitting up straight, yes ma'am and no sir, mouth closed, holding the fork correctly, dreaming of THAT day, etc. It was a beautiful site for a momma and daddy!

That night as i laid down to doze off the Lord reminded me that I too must practice like I want to play. For me that means getting up earlier each morning to meet with the Lord. This is the time I will receive the game plays, the time I will be refreshed for the big game, and a time that I can practice putting those talents into action. It is not different for me.

I so desire to impact the world for my Lord. But i can not expect to be used if i am not practicing like it is game time. I truly want to be God's "go to girl", but He desires to trust me that I have done my part. Am i practicing? Am i doing what the Playmaker asks? Do i argue with the Coach? Is my heart content when I am not put in the game? Is time running out and I have yet to follow through? Has He put me in the game and yet I refuse to play? What is it? Play like it is game time!!

Hebrews 12:1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.


Joyful said...

Leigh, I had a similar conversation with my son yesterday. We were having a late lunch because of errands that had detained us, and my son was 'starving'. As I finished unpacking groceries he quickly began eating to appease his famished stomach!

I questioned him as to whether or not he had remembered to ask a blessing. He suddenly bowed his head and said a grace. I find I have to keep reminding him to do this so that it becomes natural. It becomes so much part of his life that he wouldn't think of eating a meal without first thanking the Lord.

Other's are watching, and this is a testimony. Oh that it would not be a ritual, but an overflow of a relationship with the Lord - a delight to thank Him for His provision.

Play on,

Kay Martin said...

My husband and I failed on many disciplines with our children, but we were relentless in teaching graciousness and courtesy. Our children are doing well in corporate positions and this has been mentioned for both of them as assets and reasons for promotions.

I taught in high school as a substitute for a few years. I came out of that experience so grieved at the majority of the students' lack of knowledge of basic protocol.

God convicted me and a friend to offer humorous workshops for groups to encourage the pursuit of knowing the rules of life ... once you know the rules you can choose to obey them or defy them.

I want to cheer you on. Let the children resist, they will because their peers are not going through this similar dicipline. But your children will forever thank you when they are grown. You are blessing everyone who will live and work with them.

Hear the noise? That's this old Southern Belle applauding and cheering you on!!!!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Joy - I can not thank yo enough for your encouraging and always very thoughtful comments. As Thes. admonishes us to do - You Spur Me on!!!!!! Thank you!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hi Ms. Kay!! I am truly southern to the core, God just has us living in the north. So I thought I would address you in the way I was taught!

Thank you for your encouragment. Parenting has to be the toughest thing on this earth!! I will keep pressing on! talk to you again real soon!

Love, Leigh