Thursday, November 06, 2008

651 - Boundaries

Lord, I am seeking Your will.  For specific areas of my life I wanting to know Your boundaries for me.  Exercise, eating, computer, facebook, friends time, church time, tv time, cooking time (ha ha), substitute teaching time, tennis, did I say computers?  Ministry?  Lord, I know that in many areas I go way over board... that is why in many areas i am very disorganized and scattered!  

Lord, help me to hear from you or from you through another - hubby or friends or whomever - I want to have balance and I want to do things with excellence.  Help me to know what You are asking.  Lord, you know my brain - better than me - so please be so clear!!  

Thank you Lord.  I look forward and with expectation of hearing from you!  

"Moderation is better than muscle, self-control better than a political power."  Prov. 16:32

This weekend Clay and I are going to our college homecoming!  I am so excited!  There will be no more posts until Monday - Mommy Moment Monday!  See you then!!  Love to all!  


Joyful said...

Self-control...we all need it! Praying the Lord will help you find the balance you need.

Have a fun weekend!
Love & prayers,

God's Girl said...

I just stumbled upon your blog...
I can so relate to your prayer about balance.

I am a pastor's wife, a mommy,
a head of a ministry, I work part time, and I have fibromyalgia. I, too, need this same prayer answered in my life.

For me it has been a weekly scheduling dilema and God has used my husband to help bring balance to my schedule.

I am so thankful that God promises to give us wisdom if we ask and He will give us a generous portion too. Thank you Lord!

Fitts said...

This is a very beautiful blog!

God bless you,


HIS Child said...


I so enjoy your video message's!
Have a wonderful time this weekend with your husband. I pray that you two, get time to love each other well and enjoy your college homecoming.

Be blessed,

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

thanks ya'll!!! have an awesome week!love, Leigh

Leah said...


I heard a speaker at the CLASSservices seminar that I attended say that she had been in a similar situation where she was doing a thousand things and not doing any of them well. She said that God was very specific with her and told her that she should choose three things that were most important to her and focus on those. Say no to the rest of the things. She said it was so hard to do but when she finally did, it simplified her life sooo much.

Family, job and ministry/speaking were her three. Everything else she cleared from her schedule. Volunteering for charity events and other things like that that were 'good' things, but were not the 'best' things and stole time and energy away from the best things.

That has really stuck with me and I'm trying to implement that in my life.