Monday, November 10, 2008

652 - Thoughts Captive

Forgive my beauty, don't be jealous!!  Rough morning!  


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

holy cow - that still picture could not be any worse!!! yikes!!

Victoria said...

Well, you are a welcome sight to my eyes all this same! I love all you said about how He commands that we capture and tame our wonderful! I popped over to to see what demolish meant in the old's what I found...

καθαιρέω (kathaireō 2507)
1. destroy -ed, -est
to take down (as from a higher place); then, with the idea of force, to pull down, overthrow, hence, to conquer, cast down as kings from their thrones.
Act 13:19, Act 19:27
2. cast down
to take down (as from a higher place), with the idea of force to pull down, demolish.
2Co 10:5
3. pull down
to take down, as from a higher place; then, with violence implied, to pull down, demolish.
Luk 12:18
4. put down
to take down; of buildings, with the idea of force, to pull down, demolish; of people, to overthrow; of princes, etc., to dethrone.
Luk 1:52
5. take down
to take down from a higher place, pull down.


Have a great day and keep letting the Son shine,

Anonymous said...

Whew...I don't care what you look like, girl! THAT was a good word!!!

I love that I get to hear this in your own voice. So much better than reading it. Besides, I'm not sure how you would really spell "squoosh" that pride anyway!!! :)

Hey, if you have a break while in town let me know. I can meet you downtown somewhere for a quick lunch, dinner, coffee, hug, whatever!

Love you!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Oh wow Victoria!! thank you so much!!! Hey - do you live any where near New Bern?? I am spekaing at a church there most likely in April!!! Love if you could make it! Love, Leigh

Toknowhim said...

I could have done this video blog today... I so get the idea of who I am on the inside...All the sinful thoughts that go through this mind of mine.

I love the verses that you quoted and I know that in them lies the solution to my struggle with my thoughts...It has just been hard to follow through with what the Word says... You did encourage me once again to fight the fight with my thoughts and make them OBEDIENT to Christ.

Enjoy the conference...

Blessings sweet friend...

Nise' said...

Hi Leigh! It was great to find my way back here and see you! You are beautiful girl! Loved the message for today and needed to hear to immediately submit those thoughts to Christ's control!

Fran said...

First of all....LOVE the sweatshirt! :)

Second...what about being put out with someone who puts down my Jesus and they are Jewish? Happened today and I'm totally struggling over this one. It was H-A-R-D.

Love ya girl...

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Fran, Nise - good to " see" you all!! thanks for stopping by!!! you are welcome to steal my video blog button if yo want... I really believe God is going to use this form of blogging for His glory... bring all eyes back to Him!!! yeah!!! Love you !! Leigh

Profbaugh said...

WHAT!!! You were in St. Louis? And I didn't know it?? Wish I could have met you and your family face-to-face, even if I didn't go up to the top of the arch (been there, done that!!). Next time, drop me a line so we can get together.


Leigh said...


Victoria said...

New Bern is over 3 hours away, but if it weren't, I'd absolutely be there! You're such an encouragement sister!

Irritable Mother said...

Hi Leigh,
What a great message God put on your heart! First I thought you were going to give me insight as to how to get my kids to stop fighting with each other so much. Then I realized God wanted to speak to my heart through you. Thanks.