Tuesday, January 06, 2009

672 - Are you ready to give an answer?

Are You Ready to Give the Answer?

Have you ever had something that is your favorite because of what offers, but it is not in real existence just yet? That is the way it is with my favorite radio station, WVYN 90.9. They are actually not on the airwaves yet, but I have had a personal meeting with the engineers of the station and these guys are top notch. They are looking to do things for the local population and want to uphold and support even small ministries like myself. It is just a matter of months, we are praying, that they will be fully functioning!

My second favorite radio station in the area is KLOV 95.3. It too is a Christian station, but is a huge conglomeration of a ton of stations. (There is a technical name to it, but I am not that radio savvy quite yet.) Anyway, as Tucker and I were pulling out of the driveway the usual “fight” began of what we were going to listen to on the radio. Long story short – momma won! 95.3 was the music for the long ride to the church. Ha ha!

I don’t quite remember the song, but I know it was uplifting and always contemporary! As I was enjoying the beat and words for a brief second, or I should say nano second, there was an interruption from 96 STO, not so much my favorite station.

I am telling you Tucker’s head about spun off his shoulders. He sat straight up and said the name of the song and the artist who (tries) sings it asking why that happened and of course if we can go to that song. That particular song was only blurted into my station for a brief moment. Seriously it was not more than a half a second and yet Tucker was well aware of it and knew exactly where to continue on that song after my station cleared back up.

It made me think immediately about 2 things in my life. How often does the Spirit try to change my channels and get my attention wanting me to clue into a certain person, direction, instruction, or voice of conviction and I go right back to the way it was. How many things have I passed by because I could not hear the correct “static”?

I also thought about my inability to quickly refer to the Word when needed. If going on about life I could recall scripture as fast as Tucker recalled a song, the artist, and the next words how much better my walk with the Lord would be.

Power in our walk with the Lord is directly related to the Spirit and to His Word. If or when those two aspects of our relationship with Him are neglected then the ability to truly walk in His will is made more and more difficult. It is hard to be ready for on the spot occurrences when we don’t have the equipment on hand!

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have.” 1 Pet. 3:15

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Kate said...

Your post reminded me of when I was a teen. At the time I was in a Christian home for girls and one of the things we would do was shout out "scripture reference" when we thought someone was talking about something we thought they didn't know about. At that point, the person would either have to shut up or provide a scripture reference for what they were talking about. It was fun, funny at times, and kept us all read up on the word.