Tuesday, January 27, 2009

682 - Are you Fireproof?

Is marriage ever hard for you? It is for me. I have a very wonderful husband that I love and I know he loves me, and yet marriage is still hard and takes much work. It is in those times when I quit working or neglect the relationship that I really notice things can, at best, get rough. Marriage takes a constant evaluation, constant communication, and constant forgiveness - receiving and giving.

I have not met anyone that just woke up and didn't love or was not "in love" anymore after just one night of sleep. Like the song from Casting Crown, "it is a slow fade". Things may even seem like they are overnight, but the process of falling out of love starts little by little. This is why marriage needs the constant attention and evaluation!

Clay and I have started a "sort of" young marrieds Sunday School class at our church in Carmi. (I say "sort of" because we are just barely on that road considered young so we have been told. ha ha!) It has been amazing to see the class blossom in no time flat. It seems to me that people do want their marriages to work, but it is hard knowing what to do. Clay and I are on a mission to strengthen our own marriage and anyone else that wants to come along with us on this adventure! It certainly pleases the Lord, and Clay and I have made a promise to our kids that we would do all we can to make sure daddy and mommy always stay together.

Not this Saturday, but the next Saturday, Feb. 7, First Baptist Church will be showing the movie Fireproof to the community. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. We as a church have made a large investment to house this movie and it is all in the name of strengthening marriages. Even the best, most healthy marriages can benefit from this movie. Please come and bring many friends. FREE FREE FREE!!!

Feb. 7 - Saturday evening

6:00pm - finger foods in fellowship hall
6:30pm - Fireproof begins
8:30ish - desserts

Please feel free to call me - 383*4856 or email me with any questions. cletus104 at gmail. I look forward to seeing you there!!


fuzzytop said...

Fireproof is such a good movie, and I pray it will be a blessing to those who attend. And blessings to you for starting the Young Married's class - so awesome...

I have to tell you something funny. My mom and stepdad are in a Sunday School class at their church in Portland, OR. Most of the people in the class have been attending that church for 50+ years, and they have been together as a Sunday School class for that long. So my mom told me the name of their class is "The Young Marrieds of the 1950's" Isn't that hysterical????

Love and hugs,

P.S. I started a blog! Me!!!

Ginger Moore said...

You are right on friend! Our new married class is growing too. We are starting the movie/bible study this Sunday. These "kids" are asking for it. Like you said - they want their marriages to work. Fireproof I think is a great tool to encourage some of our couples who wouldn't usually come - to come. I'm looking forward to see what God will do!

Toknowhim said...

This is my favorite movie of all time, and I do believe that this movie can be a wonderful tool to help and heal marraiges...

On a side note I posted my first video blog...you inspired me...although mine is not a teaching one..

Love ya..

Dawnzlights said...

This will be such a blessing for you and the other couples... my husband and I watched it the other day and monday he called me in the middle of the day just to 'say hi'...

Um..that was fast results!! :)