Monday, February 09, 2009

687 - I Said Now - First Time!

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I don't know if I will ever get the hang of this parenting thing.  It seems to be getting harder and harder and I think or at least I feel like i am getting weaker and weaker.  If it is not one thing, it is another.  There have been a few times I have wanted to run out the door and say, "You think you can do by yourself, then have at it.  See how well you can do it on your own kidos." 
 No, i have never gone to those length.  Am I the only one out in the world that struggles with this parenting thing??  If so, please send me your wisdom. - thanks!  

I came home from a meeting at the church and had left the kids strict instructions about being ready at a certain time so that when I came back to get them we could just all pile in the car.  Maybe I am expecting too much of my older ones, but they were not ready...... at all.  

As i came into the room I told them to please go get the right clothes on and don't forget your shoes.  I had to run upstairs myself for a moment to get my Bible.  When I got back downstairs everyone was still just sitting there as if i had never said one thing to them.  I know they saw me come in and they even nodded at my instructions, but there was no movement in their feet or even change in their seated position.  I was totally being ignored!  

It was time to learn a lesson and miss a blessing.  I made an announcement that I was leaving and those not ready could stay home with no TV, no computer, and no dessert social after church.  Boy, did feet begin to move and the begging to please not leave them escalated into tears and fits.  But I was done, I was exhausted, and I was tired of being ignored.  I left with the ones that were ready and had listened the first time around.  

As the Lord usually does, He takes an incident from my kids and turns it into a lesson of learning for me.  When I did get home that night from church those "left behind" wanted to talk out the punishment that was upon them.  Both had basketball practice, one a game, the other a lesson, both school parties, etc.  There was a lot of things that could be taken away.  And frankly I was angry enough that not getting to ever drive, ever!, was a possibility.  

I want the kids to understand  first time obedience, while i realize is a lot to ask of a child, is  something we hope they are learning for the future.  I want to be able to say put your shoes on and they go do it... first time.  Someday their boss will say do this or do that and if they don't immediately there will be a huge consequences.  But there is a greater reason as well that the Lord convicted me of.  

While the kids can see me, hear me, and touch me those things are not so possible with our Lord.  Yes, they can "hear" Him in the scripture or through wise advice of another, they can not look at the Lord straight in the face.  They can not or I can not touch Him directly.  And yet, the Lord gives us instructions or commands and expects us to obey first time without seeing, hearing, or touching Him.  If I or my kids can't do first time obedience with a person they can see, touch, and hear then how much harder will it be for them to obey One they can not see, touch, or hear.  The "Boss" is going to pass us by for one that will obey first time and we will be left missing it all including a blessing.  

In Matt. 5:19-20 Jesus calls His first disciples.  He did not beg, He did not ask more than once, He just said, "Come follow me,".  First time obedience was their reaction and one that I am hoping will be mine or my kids when He calls our name. "At once they left their nets and followed him."  

This weekend was incredible.  Thank you for all those that prayed for the Fireproof event.  I had no idea how many would show up, but we had over 200 present!  It was incredible.  We had plenty of food, not enough seats, and lots of fun, laughter, and of course tears in the movie.  The evaluations were very upbeat and encouraging.  The older men and women of the church just raved about the event and how wonderfully impressed they were with the attendance and possibilities of what it could do for our church.  The next day we had over 20 some in our SS class.  That was awesome.  While I try not to get too into numbers, that is what speaks to the naysayers.  ha ha!  I hope we can make it an annual event.  Yikes!!!  Here are some pictures from the end of the evening.  They don't really do justice to how beautiful it was.  We had all the lights dimmed, lots of candles, soft music, tons of food...  All i have left is the end of the night - dessert time!  But if you are still reading you saw that at the beginning of the post.  I could not get the pictures to move!!!  Love to all....

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