Wednesday, March 11, 2009

703 - Just in the nick of time

Hey there - this is an exciting post - especially for the parents and grandparents!  FUN!!!  

Now let me say - I was not sure how to spell "nick" for nick of time.  I am thinking it might also be niche...  so please forgive my lack of tricky words edumacation!!  

Today if you don't mind - Please tell me a time that God has come thru for you in just the right time - of course other than salvation!  

Have an awesome day - I am going back to school today!  

PS - i have an appointment to take care of those roots, cotton candy curls, and awful facial hair. hee hee

uh oh - eyes closed again!


Joyful said...

Leigh, you have no idea how I needed to hear this exact word today!!! I came over and clicked in because I read your status on Facebook.

Leigh, I need God to make that basket for me today. Long, long story, but I have been writing about it on my blog. These past 8 days have been horrendous. I've been trying to trust the Lord, but this morning I woke up so angry. Asking 'why God'...'where are You God'...'why aren't you working in this situation'?

Just to share briefly, my Daddy returned to Emergency at the hospital after complications arose due to day-surgery and an incorrect drug was administered and my Dad has been fading quickly. Now, so many other conditions have arisen, the latest being yesterday's report that he has acute renal failure, or kidney failure. Nine days ago my Dad was a normal 83 year old man - full of zest and life. Now I spend my days at the bedside of a man fading fast and in unbearable pain.

Thank you for being used to breathe life back into me today. Thank you for reminding me of hope. Thank you for encouraging me that at any moment God can break through. I will be looking for Him today.

Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

In the nick of time.... my husband and I live paycheck to paycheck. That means no $$ in the bank for unfortunate events. On January 13 my husband was let go from his job. We had only one week's worth of pay plus one week of vacation pay. After that, who knows. Guess what? My husband interviewed for a job on January 20 was offered that job and was able to start January 27 - just in the nick of time! God is so Great!

Jeanette said...

Awesome post today Leigh! This is something I think about every day.

Now that we've been waiting almost 3 years for our baby girl to come home, waiting for God to answer at just the right time, in His time, has become a way of life for us!

We know full well that what He has been planning in these 3 years of waiting is far better than we could ever ask or imagine for our family.

Thankfully not only does He come through for us at the buzzer but He also teaches and molds us during the game!

Thank you Leigh for sharing (and congrats to Tucker on the BIG win!!!)

Nicki and Eddie said...

Leigh I wrote a post on Feb 14th on my blog depicting this very issue..God's timing is perfect and for the eternal good He has in place..Sometimes the timing may seem to us in our finite mind and world to have been inappropriate but in the eternal nature of our Glorious Holy God, it was He who chose the time..

You are a blessing to many of us..