Thursday, March 19, 2009

705 - Who's your daddy??

Please be in prayer about the conference this weekend in Gatlinburg?  


Sarah Martin said...

Oh Leigh! I was grappeling with this kind of topic a couple of years ago-it really got me upset at one point. I questioned whether or not I would have recognized Jesus as Lord if I were one of the women during the time of His earthly ministry. Would I have been like Mary sitting at His feet, or would I have been like the Pharisee? It really hurt my heart to think that I might not have been, even though I would like to think I would have believed! Then, I felt the Lord tell me that it didn't matter because He is my Lord now, in this age.

Your question made me think and search deep. And, without sounding prideful, I do believe that I do recognize Him even in the trying times. I say this because my hubby and I REALLY relied on the Lord when the bomb dropped on our house and he deployed. But, that is not to say that I will always recognize Jesus. I must stay in the Word and on my knees so He can mold my heart to recognize Him ALWAYS.

Great word today!


Victoria said...

Maybe they were kept from recognizing that He was the risen Lord in order to demonstrate to all believers that we don't have to see with our eyes what we know with our heart. Christ Jesus is risen! Amen! It ties in with how a lot of Scripture teaches, especially how Jesus taught. It's just my theory I love this question! I'm seeking to recognize God in all's an ongoing opportunity for improvement...=]

Sallye said...


This is a interesting question. I think that one of the things that we have to remember is that Israel was looking for the Savior that would deliver them from Roman and set up His kingdom, even the 12 thought that this was what He was going to do. Our pastor made a statement last Sunday that I am still chewing on, "We were created in the image of God. We create God in our image." If we don't see what we expect to see, are we willing to see something different?