Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kudos to Southern Illinois

I am ready to go serve my last full-time day as a PE teacher for Mrs. Cindy Colman.  She is more than ready to get back to work and I am semi-ready to get back to my life.  This 6.5 week experience of teaching for me has been incredible.  I have felt such a privilege to go and be with great kids everyday and with outstanding teachers and administration!  

I have personally been in many, many school systems and my kids have now been in 2 since we have lived in Southern Illinois.  I have to say that I must tip my hat to the schools in Southern Illinois.  Entering Norris City when we arrived in January of 2007 I just knew that my kids would be quite far ahead - after all I was paying some big tuition prices in Charlotte.  Yikes - my kids had quite a bit of catching up to do.  Mrs. Barton did everything possible to get Tucker up to speed!!!  She did well.  And Jan Carroll just took Emmajoy in, treated as her own, and made a lasting impression on her!  Charlotte is a school I miss for the Christian education and wonderful staff, but the Lord was so faithful to give me all the same in Norris City just without the title of Christian school and without the big prices!!  Yeah!!  I am so thankful for my time there!  

Now we have moved on to Carmi just 10 miles down the road.  From a parent perspective it too has been wonderful.  But now I have had the privilege to "do" school with 2 of my daughters each and every day for an extended time.  I can not tell you how impressed I am!  

All teachers need roughly a $100,000 raise!  I have come to realize that I most enjoy 2nd grade and up.  So I am just amazed at what is asked of the Lincoln teachers because of the age of those kids.  There is not a trying day that goes by because of one reason or another and they do their jobs with smiles, enthusiasm, and energy.  I just about die around 11am and they just keep on ticking as if they had just gotten there!  I can say with authority that each and every teacher at Lincoln is incredible.  I have watched each one of them so closely while being there day in and day out and can not say enough!!  If any of you are reading - thank you!!!!!!  

Mrs. Stocke - wow!!!  The precious way that you interact with each child making them feel as if they are the only one there on that day - it is truly is a gift!  My Sarahjane feels so much love and knows that "you are cool" as she says it!  Thank you for allowing me in your school for a time!  I don't think I am cut out for a forever kind of job with kids that young, but I know who is - you and your staff!!!  Thank you thank you!!!  I have enjoyed it all!  

Jefferson has been much easier for me to teach at.  The kids are just that much more experienced in their skill levels that makes it extremely fun to teach, coach, etc!  I too can not say enough about that school.  Teacher are hands on - wanting to know how their kids did, and teachers love each other - it appears to me.  I see a very unified staff and one that is truly working for the betterment of the kids!  

At both schools I am just amazed at teacher aids!  Yall go above and beyond and just absolutely blow me away with your patience!  Melinda Nelson and Jeannie Browning - girls - those kids love you with all their hearts.  They would go home to live with you in half a heartbeat!  Mrs. Peacock - you are incredible!!!  So good.  I will never forget the day looking over to see you jumping rope, double dutch, with the girls in your flats!!!!!!!  Ginger, Kathy, Vicki, all of you!!!!  I know you may not be amassing a huge treasure here on earth - but your mansion in heaven is going to be something to see!!!  Holy cow girls - you are it!!!!!!!  

Dr. Dixon - you are step above and of course you always go above and beyond as well.  I am always impressed how your door is open and ready for any conversation.  You too are not scared to answer phones as I have seen Mrs. Stocke at Lincoln.  Amy, your teachers think the world of you and have the utmost respect - from what I have seen and heard!  The kids see you as quite an authority and look up to you as a hero.  They are eager to preform when you walk in the room.  Eyes never leave your presence and many are hoping to be just like you one day!  Thank you as well for allowing me in your school for this time!!!  

I would be remiss to leave out the wonderful janitors at each school.  I do not know all by name personally but you all are awesome.  Cleaner schools I have not seen.  Mr. Lee - you bring tears to my eyes when I try to muster up words to explain what you are to the kids at Lincoln.  My girls want to adopt Mr. Lee!  And Mr. Peacock - your gentle spirit and hard work with a smile is priceless.  Thank you both for helping me to learn the ropes and names of kids too!!  ha!  

Ok - I am going to be late!!!  I am excited and ready to go!!  I am sad and want to stay - all at the same time!!!  I love you all!  


Lindsee said...

I am so glad you have enjoyed the teaching. I myslef enjoy it, too! ;) Yes, sometimes I miss it, but then I remind myself what I get to do now. However, I could not agree with you more on the fact that teachers need a raise. They work so hard! Hope your last day is great!

Leslie said...

Thank you for your wonderful and gracious words about teachers. I am proud and blessed to say that God has placed me in South Carolina public school classrooms for 30+ years. The hard work and care teachers and staff do for our children on a daily basis is overlooked so many times by the public. Thank you for caring and for sharing with your readers.

Susieqtpie said...

KUDOS backatcha from Southern IL