Friday, March 06, 2009

701 - Tattle-tale with Grace

OK - i realize that my hair is bordering on cotton candy kind of style.  I have not had the time to go get it cut or highlighted or whatever and all-ever!!!  Soon and very soon!  

This is a WORD from the Lord that is very freeing to me today.  I hope you have the time to sit through it all.  God is here!!  

This song is now my mantra!!!!!!  


Sandra Hersey said...

Girl you are so right! Thanks for this! You might want to read what I posted today on my blog concerning this! I did not write it but it is AWESOME!

Irritable Mother said...

"This is what causes people to stop eating."
Yeah, that's never happened to me, either! LOL
Love your passion, Leigh! Thanks for sharing what God has laid upon your heart. Don't you love how He speaks through every situation? Even little girls in PE class!

Sarah Martin said...

This also made me think about how, when I am mad about someone's actions, I should tattle tale to the Lord first. He will then work it over in my heart so that I can react appropriatly to the situation. Great Vlog!


Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

I like when you petted your hand and said "love, love, love" hee hee

Good Word, darlin'!

Lisa said...

I needed this word. I definitely need to temper my words and actions with LOVE - whether received graciously or not.
Blessings - Lisa