Monday, April 06, 2009

708 - Beat you like a Pinata

This is great - as far as what my precious 5 year daughter wanted to do to her sister!!!  hee hee

There has a been a huge influx of "followers" as of recent.  Hey there - thanks for caring enough to know what the Lord says thru me.  Please take a few minutes - i beg you - to introduce yourself and let me know where you come from if you don't mind - we might just live right close!!  I love new friends!  

FBC Concord new friends - hello!!  Thank you for your sweetness and patience on Friday night!!  Boy did Satan try to spoil everything or what!!!  Love to know about the way God spoke to you that night!!!  Take a moment and see what He may say to you today!!  


Angie said...

Hey Leigh...I guess I would be one of the "influxies". I live in Durham, NC...I think I saw that you live in Charlotte?
If you did Survivor, I would be your biggest fan. Love the show, would love to do it, I'm that kind of girl...they would just have to provide my morning coffee and lunch time Mt. Dew. or they would think they had a PMS woman 24/7.
Looking forward to your Wednesday session!!

Angie said...

OK...beat me like a Pinata!! I don't know where I saw that you were from Charlotte. I see you are from Illinois.
No where close to being neighbors.

Sugar and Spice Mommy said...

Thanks Leigh for befriending me on Ning. I LOVED this video message! That was awesome! My husband and I have been encouraging one another each week in verse has been tough, but I think you hit the nail on the head with REALLY UNDERSTANDING what it means. I will prob. miss you on Wednesday, (my little one is getting tubes) but I look forward to listening to it soon...and reading more of your blog!:)