Tuesday, April 07, 2009

709 - I will Spare you!!

Good morning Lord Jesus!!  I am not sure who won the game last night, but I hope whomever was playing did a good job and played their best.  I was too busy pulling Jack Bauer out of his pain and sickness from being exposed to the WMD.  I think he is doing well and we will see him next Monday - ha ha!  

I am sitting here in my housecoat and wet hair so I will spare all of you the video today.  That just might be more than you could handle.  I studied more of Esther today and was once again impressed by our lady Queen Vashti.  The central theme of today was how hard it is live in another woman's shadow.  I am sure all of us know that to be true at least one time if not more times in our lives.  It all boils down, I believe, to that comparison game.  Been there?  Yep, me too!

Whatever package you put it in, insecurity is such a terrible and exhausting way to be.  While I seem to be pretty sure of myself on the outside, and i truly am a pretty confident person by God's grace, I too can let the comparison game get the best of me leaving me totally defeated and deflated!  Why is it you can be walking down the street just minding your own business and see a person pass you by just a tad thinner and of course with cuter hair.  Before you know it, I can go into a tailspin in one direction or another.  I either embrace her beauty and want to ask her where she gets her haircut and her secret to staying thin or I want to hate her and make up things in my mind of her reasons for masking her hurts with all these beauties.  Ever done that or been there?   

Living in the shadow of another woman, even one that you don't even know, can be terminal.   I don't think the answer is really embracing who you are or trying to real as steel to the world, I think the answer is found in Jesus!  Possibly not even knowing so much who we are in Him, but just WHO HE IS!!!  Jesus is the answer and there is no other way!!  I promise, but sometimes i have hard time believing or at least accepting!!!  Comparison game can get any ounce of God's goodness in me and hide it under the feet of defeat!  

Oh Lord - I just want to know you in your power and grace more fully.  I want to know you and the mercy that is new for me each morning!  Oh Lord, I want to hide behind you and in you!  Jesus thank you for taking the time with me each and every second of the day to minister to my mind, soul, and body!!  You are the medicine for any problem, issue, or trial i come across.  I don't need to embrace me, I need to embrace you!!  Teach me Father, show me, and help me walk in it!!  I love you Lord.!!

One of our speakers with STMM, Natalie Witcher, is speaking today at the A Woman Inspired online conference.  I hope you will go by and say hello to her!!  She is a fabulous woman of the Word!!  We are so honored to have her part of the ministry!!  Ginger Moore will be speaking as well on Thursday.  I speak on Wednesday at 10am, I believe!!  Need to check that!  

Have an awesome day.  Hope to hear from you!  


Angie said...

I wish I would have found your blog sooner but am blessed to have found it now.
Positive, encouraging words, and guidance are so a part of my life now.
I will continue to return here for more heart filled blessings.
Thanks Leigh!

Nicole said...

thanks for the thoughts. insecurity is often the cause of so many of my sins. i need to face it head on or it can slowly creep in and take over all my motives.

thanks again. i'm blogging about 5 unique ways to celebrate Easter at www.burningbushes.org.
i hope you'll join me sometime.

Angie said...

Leigh---WHAT GOD GAVE YOU TODAY...was for so many...but I KNOW He especially allowed me to hear it! I am at work and had my earbuds in and listened...watery eyes and all! THE anointing coming from this system today was phenomenal! GOD IS AWESOME!


I will be back. I will hit you on facebook if I can find you!

Thanks for being HIS vessel!!!
Angie Knight

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey Girl!

Just wanted to jump over to say I am devastated to have missed your talk this morning. Was waylaid getting some car maintenance done and just didn't get home in time. Thanks for your encouragement to me. Those words coming from someone of your love for Jesus mean the world to me!

Blessings on you..looking forward to the recordings..:)

Sandy M. said...

Leigh, Thank you so much for all you shared today at the conference. Yours was easy to follow (I have 2 pages of notes), easy to understand, applicable to everyone (if not right now personally, to reach out to others, & to prepare for the time ahead when we are in the dry place), with plenty of good Scripture references, & taught in a humble but knowledgeable way. I have the opportunity to speak to about 100 women on May 2, & am trying to glean all I can from this conference, asking God to use me & minister through me for that event. Thanks again!

Shelly said...

Insecurity is mean.....just plain mean.

And yes mam, it is truly rooted in knowing who HE IS, for out of that and as a result of that, we come to know our position and worth in Him. Jesus first!

Denise said...

Be blessed, not stressed.