Friday, May 01, 2009

718 - (repost) Whole Heart Faith

From the moment I posted the status on my Facebook about going for some radical obedience I have been in constant prayer. I mean the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me at the most random and odd places. Sitting down to hear from Him did not come so easily. But it is that way many times with me or Him. It is in the busyness of the day that God will stop me and speak a Truth, reveal a message title, confirm a question, or even explain my confusion! He is so great to deal with me the way He made me! I so appreciate that, Father! (Side note: this does not mean that I don't think I have to sit and listen to Him on separate occasions. Oh yes oh yes!! I still feel that He commands me daily to come and be at rest at His feet in worship and in confession whether I hear from Him and especially feel Him.)

So what do I think all this means........ how long do you have? Here are the phrases that He has given me that I have begun to put together for complete obedience in my life........

Consumes your thoughts
Why do you go to just the borderline?
Idol worship can't be with me
Simple is too hard
Complex is easy faith
You have no control
Let me in today
sisters and brothers lifted me up in caffeine

This all started when I posted the fact that I was giving up caffeine for (hopefully) ever! I was practically overwhelmed with the friends praying for me in this event and especially for those that checked in on my for DAYS! I am indebted to you all. This was just such a simple thing in my life - even though there was pain involved - and many of you took the time to say a prayer for me and to strengthen me along the way. I truly attribute your faithfulness in praying and honest accountability to my kicking this particular demon in my life. Now you may be thinking the word DEMON is a little harsh, but anything that can change my attitude and responses to people in a negative way because I have NOT had it - that is a demon in my book. In that process the Lord reminded me that HE was the one to make the difference in my reactions and responses to people. He was the one to conquer those demons and idols in my life. It was something in my life that I was having a hard time living without = IDOL!

I began to think about more of the simple things in my life - things that are simple in theory, but seem to consume my thoughts. Why is it in our own lives - or I should say - in MY life - that I can feel safe with the Lord in bringing Him the huge, big things for Him to take care of, but it is those tiny, simple things that I feel like could never be changed. Oh no, I would never utter those words, but it is exactly what my actions would say! Do I think He is not big enough for the small things?

That is when the words - complex is easy faith - please know this is for my life........... I am not trying to say the hard things in your life are easy faith for you - for me!!!!!!!!!!! What I am trying to say is when I am given a huge task or a huge dilemma or someone else has asked me to pray about something that I have absolutely no control over at all - it is easy for me to pray about it and be done. I know that I can do nothing other than the privilege of praying for them and so it is done. I keep praying and believing that God is in control and is the one that will make the difference. For me it is what I call easy faith - I have to leave it with Him because I can't do a thing!

Another phrase - Why do you go to the borderline - set a higher standard! In medicine doctors seem to not get all up in arms about things even if you go over the borderline. I mean our blood pressure is suppose to be 120/80. You can even be 125/85 and a doctor kind of shrug his shoulders that you should be pretty good. Or your sugar is right at the borderline and it seems to be ok. I know this is a silly example that might not be holding much water because there are so many other factors in determining ones health, but the point is that why do we just accept hanging out at the borderline. I think God calls us to a higher standard. I think God call us to perfection even though it is something we will not attain, but are working out our salvation to the image of Christ so that we shine like His little stars! (Phil. 2:12-14)

Back to the simple!!! It is those little things that consume me. For me - I think about food and my weight more than anything else in the whole day. Breakfast I think about lunch, lunch I think about dinner. Dinner I think if there is anything sweet for me to eat next. It is an idol. It is a little thing because I really only have about 15 or 20 pounds to lose, but it consumes me. I mean ALL THE TIME!!!!!! I know I may not look that overweight - but yall I am practically 6 foot tall! If i were even 4 inches shorter my sin would be more obvious. But more than anything this is a heart condition. This is a simple thing that I don't have the faith to believe He can make a difference. Do you ever feel the same way - not about weight - but whatever it is the Lord has laid upon your heart?

I feel like the Lord has led me to confess this to whomever may be reading to seek that accountability - just like with the caffeine. There are many, many steps that I have to go on to truly be walking with Him the way He desires for my life - and I want that to be my desire as well. (Ps. 37:4) This food thing is just the first step. There are many areas that I need to die in! What about you???? What is it for you? It does not have to do anything with food or the body!!!!!! That is my thing!

I am ready for a new heart and new actions! I am ready to walk with Him in a way that I have never! I am ready to believe Him in the simple things and the big things too. I am ready to commit with a whole heart, rid myself of idols, and commit to Him - and serve Him only!!!!! He will deliver us - me!! The battles will come! The enemy will still press on! But I will set up an Ebenezer in honor of Him! I am ready for my thoughts to be turned to Him.

What is it for you? What is it that He is asking you to rid yourself of? What is it that consumes your thoughts? What is your idol? How can we do this so far apart??? This could be letting something go? This could be starting something. This could be anything - HE will tell you if HE has not already!!

Does anyone know how to set up a linky thing? We could name this Whole Heart Faith and have a button. I don't know how to do any of that - does anyone??? We could have a certain day each week that we check in and see how this Whole Heart Faith Walking is going for each of us. I think it could be a huge step in Him setting hearts free! Are you in?


Sarah said...

A) I'm totally 100% in. I read this (on my phone) sitting in my car outside of my gym. The Lord spoke to me about a LOT of things through this post.

B) What kind of linky thing do you want? I'm no expert, but I've been able to muddle along on some stuff. Facebook or email me if you want me to do something. I CAN do a button. Buttons are so fun!

C) Seriously? You're almost 6 feet tall? Wow. I'll have to put to death my envy first! :-)

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

I have enjoyed your blog! It's very inspiring!

~Sarah Cecilia

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

run by the blog today and sign up on Mr Linky... just testing it out! thanks

bjeanw said...

When you posted your radical question on facebook, my soul started dancing and I responded with "yes, yes, yes!" If you get the time please check out my blogspot, I'm linked to your Whole Heart Faith and I thank our wonderful Lord for using you to help all of us become abandoned to our service for our Christ! I truly feel a 'rising up' coming! My private petition is that when God gets ready to show me HOW...I only want those who see me to say 'Jesus is RADICAL!',not me nothing in this life is about us.
PSALM 46:10
Billie Jean