Monday, May 04, 2009

719 - Prayers please

Hi everyone - Hope you are doing well. I am doing great, but do have a crazy week this week. I would for you to pray about a few things... I am meeting with a radio station today about doing a possible women's ministry program. I do not know details and if it would work with my family, etc., but it is something I am very interested in. I will be traveling with my sweet friend TJ on Thursday to speak in the AM at Paducah, KY. and then driving that evening to speak in the St. Louis area. It will be a full day, but oh so much fun! The very next day I get to substitute teach at the high school and then speak again that evening at a church just down the road in Norris City. God is just amazing me with the things He is allowing me to be involved in right now. I can hardly keep it straight. He will still not let me drop the thought of having a teenage study here at my house sometime soon!  

Still waiting on a buyer for the house - just takes one!!  

Whole Heart Faith will kick off on Wednesday - be ready and be patient if i have any techy difficulties which is so possible!! I covet your prayers!!!!! I need your prayers. I need Him!!!! Thank you - as always please please feel free to pass your requests on to me. I love you all - Leigh


dianne - bunny trails said...

Praying for Whole Heart Faith. I know that God is calling me to a higher place. He's not content to leave me where I am. Hopefully I'm not content to stay there either. :D

Did you find someone to create a button for you? If not, let me know.


Denise said...

Lifting you way up in my prayers sweetie.