Wednesday, May 13, 2009

723 - Whole Heart Faith - Week 2

Hey everyone - I hope your week was wonderful.  It has been so great to pop over to your blogs and check out how things are going.  God has been very patient with me.  He always is!!  

As i was sitting on the porch swinging I was asking the Lord what do you want me to share with my friends today to encourage them in this Whole Heart Faith.  He brought me to Ps. 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God."  I have to admit that I said to the Lord - oh Lord surely I am making that up in my head that you want me to share a verse that is so popular and known!  (I know, can you believe I tried to argue with the Lord about what He wants me to share?  But I thought i might be making it up in my head.)  

God began to reveal to me that part of having a Whole Heart Faith is being able to just sit and relax in Him.  Being comfortable with the the Holy Spirit speaking to you corrections, but also sweet-nothings!  Being still and not doing things my way.  

But here is the part He wanted me to emphasize!!  The verse does not say "Be still and FEEL that I am God".  No, it says, be still and KNOW that I am God.  There will be many days on this journey that we will not feel Him.  We will search with all our hearts to no avail.  We will look into every single detail of life and seek His face and feel for His presence!!  It will not always happen.  

On those days that we need to feel Him, beware.  So often God wants us to trust without a feeling.  He wants us to love with nothing in return.  He wants us to obey because we know it is right not because convictions is felt.  Be still and know - not necessarily always feel!  

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I appreciate the comments on the blog or email or Facebook about looking fine and not needing to lose weight.  But I feel like i need to explain something.  There is no doubt that I need to lose weight, not 50 pounds or anything, but some.  I am 6 foot tall and carry my weight different than one that is much shorter, but there is still an issue.  Yes, my clothes hardly fit comfortably anymore, but it is more than that!  

It is not that I am just one of those people that can look at food and gain.  But for me it is a heart issue.  I run to food for every emotion.  Fun, sadness, boredom, celebration, nervous, anger, and just because,etc.  I want to run to my Lord for every emotion!  I want Him to be on my every thought and not food.  I want Him to be my great reward and not food.  Like I said before I am blessed to be 6 foot tall, but that doesn't mean I get to sin in this area just because!  So weighing in for me is just giving me an indication if this idle is dieing.  It should be getting less and my Whole Heart Faith getting more.  This week the difference was not that big!  

I can not wait to hear from you!!!  Here is how I did!!!  



Denise said...

Sweetie, I love you. I am very proud of your efforts, you are doing great. You go girl!!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Love your quote "it is not FEEL I am God." So often I fall into that trap. Faith alone is what it should be. I will not and do not always FEEL it. I must KNOW it. Good one girl.

I am with you on the weigh thing. I am about 5 7 so I too carry weight differently but we are making some changes in what we put in these temples of ours here. I will put my post up soon.

Sarah said...

I'm not even where I can share my walk on my blog yet. But God is faithful and leading me.

Yes, I needed to hear that I will KNOW He is God, but I don't have to FEEL it. Thank you for listening to what He would have you share.

Last week God blessed me huge with FREEDOM from the bondage of counting every calorie and morsel and worrrying if I was burning enough calories to eat what i was eating. It was precious freedom. I am trying to pick that idol back up (and the crazy thing -- I don't even LIKE the idol!!) So life is getting in the way of listening for God this week.

Anonymous said...

I just posted my WHF post for today. I loved how God spoke through you with the familiar passage in Psalm and how it applied to me, personally! I'm not sure how organized my thoughts are on my blog for today's post, but I know what He was speaking to me!

Thanks friend for giving us this challenge. I'm with you -- thick and thin...hopefully more thin than thick for me!! :)

Love you dearly,

Jeanne said...

I just started blogging-- as in yesterday! I actually saw this post on facebook and clicked and the link--so glad I did. I need the challenge to have Whole Heart Faith!!

Tami said...

Thanks for the reminder that we need to know that we know that we know that..... God IS God!

Update on my WHF commitment. God has been so good in giving me a desire for healthy choices and taking away my desires for 'junk'! Still don't have my blog updated with the WHF commitment and food journal, but other priorities have taken over. But will get it done soon! Thanks for the continued encouragement of doing this as a group!