Friday, May 22, 2009

728 - Can I have that?

Dear Lord, I am seeking wisdom from you in a big time way.  So many things are up in the air as far as what you are doing with the ministry and I just need to hear from you!  

As a result of this asking I went to a scripture today that i believe is like the first stage of seeking wisdom.  James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."  

The interesting thing I found out this morning is that word "ask".  This word is actually like begging, but a specific beg.  It is begging for an object.  The object here is wisdom.  It has  to do with something given, not something to be done.  

So with this word I would ask according to this scripture for the Lord to bring us a buyer, but not so much that He would sell the house.  To sale the house is a different kind of word.  I love the Greek language!  Of course I want Him to sale the house too, but again in this word definition is it asking for an object or something to be given not so much something to be done!

Lord, I do love your Word.  I love that when I do seek you will show me and usually it is something new that I have not had before - or taken the time to notice before!  The verses below verse 5 go on to say that when we do ask that we must believe and not doubt.    I have a hard time with knowing what to believe, etc.    

For example - I ask for you to sale the house.  I know and believe and really trust that You and You alone are the one that can bring us a buyer in today's tough times.  But my doubt I guess you might say comes in when I am confronted with Your time line.  I know You are the one that has to bring us a buyer, but I just don't know when you will do it.  So am i not believing Lord?  I am coming to you with the request because I know You are the only one that can do this, but I guess my doubt comes in IF you really will do it for us........... boy, i sound like a mess!  

Lord, above all - i need the object of wisdom.  I need you to give generously and without finding fault like your Word says.  Can I have THAT????  Oh Lord,  please!!  Give quickly and abundantly!!  I love you Lord - I am trusting in You, help me not to doubt! 


Toknowhim said...

We are selling our house too :)

Are you moving out of your city? Or within it?

You may have posted about this, but I missed it..

Blessings sweet Leigh... Kim

Mary said...

Praying for you and with you. I'm asking for Wisdom! I want to know that I'm taking the right steps. I love how He confirms that in my life.

Pray for that confirmation.

Denise said...

Praying blessings upon you sweetie.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Praying! I completely understand. I have been learning a lot about wisdom today through the Proverbs. Interesting stuff.
Much love,