Tuesday, June 09, 2009

734 - I Just Gotta Tell!

Good morning Father!!  
Such a beautiful day already.  I am excited for this day as I get to play some tennis with Katelyn.  She is the number one player on my team and just a great girl to be around!  We as a family have 15 games this week.  I love every minute of it, but it totally does your nights in.  No time whatsoever for anything else.  AND the first game usually starts around 5:30 so we find ourselves eating dinner at 4:15ish.  I guess i am just saying it really shortens my days!  But i am thankful the kids are involved, I am thankful they want to play, and I am thankful Clay and I enjoy it so much!  

Yesterday I spoke at the "A Woman Inspired" conference.  I think it went really well.  I love doing that conference as it is so relaxing - unless you loose your notes moments before you go on!!!  But the attendees are so encouraging, the organizers are top notch, and the technology is out of this world!  The Amys are amazing!  Thank you Jesus for that opportunity.  Love to do it again some time!  

I spoke on a message called Spilling the Beans and the Motives Attached and even though i spoke the message was a collaboration of emails and phone calls with my friend Dori Cook.  So i was the speaker, but her hand prints are all over this message - thank you Dori!  The whole purpose of the conference was discussing how we can use technology to further ministry or even begin ministry.  I took things on just a different spin.  I wanted to look at the things we post, twitter, FB, blog, etc. and why we do it.  What are the motives attached behind the things we post.  Is it really to make His Name famous or are we hoping we gain a bit of glory too?  Are we willing to share all the good He has done for us, but not the good?  What do we share, when do we NOT share, and why are we sharing - basically the three points.  I had a ton of fun with the ladies and got some really great feedback!  

One lady messaged me and gave me this scripture - I Chron. 16:8-11  

  8 Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; 
make known among the nations what he has done.

 9 Sing to him, sing praise to him; 
       tell of all his wonderful acts.

 10 Glory in his holy name; 
       let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.

 11 Look to the LORD and his strength; 
       seek his face always.

For just a bit I focused on whether the things He does for us should be told to all or should just be saved for private conversations with the Lord.  Scripture after scripture revealed to me that we were to tell and tell ALL DAY LONG according to Ps. 71.  I love this scripture above as well especially verse 8 "make known among the nations what he has done".  That 'make known' is the word 'yada'.  That is the discern, perceive, know deep down in your heart - that is what i like to call it.  And because of that I think in today's time it is appropriate and effective to 'yada' what He has done in our lives!!  I will shout it out - I can't help but to!  

Lord Jesus - as verse 9 also reminds me I will tell of all Your wonderful acts  - all day long!  I will tweet, I will FB, I will blog, I will scream, I will pray to You, and I will speak whenever given the opportunity!  Even though my motives are not always as pure as they ought to be I will still tell of what you have done in my life and the lives of others as well.  Jesus - i do love you so much.  I am not near as committed to you as I want to be.  I am not always sure the things I should be doing are the things You want me doing.  I want to follow your lead.  I want to love you more!!!  I want to shout out your goodness!! Father, forgive my unfaithfulness.  Forgive my lack of trust.  Forgive me impatience.  Forgive my mouth.  Forgive my thoughts.  Lord, clean me out and that too I will shout about!!  Because of your light within me, draw others to you.  use me in whatever way possible!!  I want to shout to all the nations and let them yada you!!!

Thank you Lord - Amen!

Here is the first review of my book that just came out... This person just made my day, or week, or maybe even month!  

Hey!  Just finished your book!  Very, very good!  I'm so impressed!  Saw myself in EVERY chapter.  Also in every chapter, you were talking to me.  I especially enjoyed the chapter "Up Close and Personal with God".  Or maybe I should say, I DIDN'T enjoy it, as that is the one I have the biggest problem and most work to do.  The one I was most convicted by.  
Also, thank you for the paragraph on page 120-121 about not losing hope/take heart regarding praying for loved ones for salvation.  Yes, I know that, but sometimes the encouragement is so welcome and good to hear.
Anyway, thanks for writing it, maybe it was for no one but me! 


Denise said...

You are a true inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Leigh Gray...I am so sorry that I couldn't be there yesterday morning to hear your message. I am completely facedown humbled that you would use anything that I might have said to spur your talk. Goodness gracious, He really does use us in spite of silly old selves, doesn't He?

What a blessing that God is using you and expanding your ministry so much!!! It reminds me of this quote from Esther:

"There is no place that God cannot go especially with a willing, scared half to death, ill equipped vessel. I wonder if we’d be willing?" ~Beth Moore

Well done, friend!!

Love you dearly,

dianne - bunny trails said...

I missed your talk yesterday, but will definitely download when it's available. I also got the book yesterday and can't wait to read it! I always enjoy what the Lord has to say through you, Leigh! Thank you for being used by Him!


Annabelle said...

I learned so much when you were speaking yesterday! Thank you!