Wednesday, June 10, 2009

735 - WHole Heart Faith - last week

The Lord has taken me to a familiar passage for today.  I felt Him calling me to the Gospels, but I was not sure where to land.  He has taken me to Luke 9:51-62.  This passage is absolutely perfect to end our Whole Heart Faith with this scripture.  

Even though we are coming to an end as far as this series of encouragement, we can never stop walking in Whole Heart Faith - in every area of my life and your life.  And I think we see that in this scripture.  

Jesus is on His way into an area that did not want to mix races.  James and John went on ahead and were not welcomed at all.  They wanted to retaliate.  Jesus actually rebuked them and told them to keep walking.  

Has that ever been you?  Have you ever been not welcomed?  I have!  There are times we find this in our own families and there are times I sure we find this in the outside world.  It hurts either way.  But what does the Lord say - keep going, press on, don't give up, do not lose heart!  

In this walk of Faith which is for a life time we can not stop!  There will be persecution, there will be at least hurt feelings, and there will be major and minor rejection.  It happened in Charlotte and still happens today that we are friends with people in the light, but then when things take place in the "night" we are not invited.  It used to hurt and still does a bit to a degree, but it is ok.  No matter what I must be resolute about this Whole Heart Faith walk and pursue this purpose He has for me!  Not retaliate - that is His business!  

We must not look back!!  We have taken these last couple of weeks to take a concentrated look at our lives and what we are doing or not doing for the Kingdom.  We can not look back!  It is not an option to quit or take a break.  

My Whole Heart Faith was to reduce the idol I have with food.  God has been so faithful in so many ways to me in this adventure.  I wish I could tell you - for my own selfish gain - that I have lost a ton of weight.  I have lost about 7 pounds and I am so grateful for that - truly!  But I have gained a whole new perspective.  I have traded my have to have this or that food for have to have this or that peace and obedience with the Lord.  I don't have to have the food, but I do have to have peace that is gained through walking obediently with Him.  I have gained a sense of self-discipline back into my life with exercise and a whole new perspective on keeping things balanced!  It has been huge for me.  Do i still overeat or mess up or lose control - YEPPERS.  But He has instilled in me a "get back to it" kind of resolve that I am eternally thankful for!  

So I ask you - how has it been - how have you changed?  Are you quitting or are you keeping your hand to the plow not looking back?  I would love to hear from you!!

Press on sisters!  Press in to Him!!  Be resolute and keep going!  

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Angie said...

Why is it that when God is trying to tell us something, and we continue to act like we are not listening, He keeps putting it in front of our face time and time again?

I have recently realized some feelings I have been dealing with is a lack of peace. I believe God has brought this to my attention because of my lack of obedience to something I know He wants me to do. It is something so easy for some but hard for me because it is stepping out of my comfort zone. Something I have never done but so easy to do.

So for today, here I sit for the third time reading something about obedience and peace.