Tuesday, September 01, 2009

753 - Smitten by God

Heavenly Father - we, Patricia and I, had all the tennis girls over to the house last night. It was a wonderful time of eating, laughing, and sharing. I just plainly shared with the girls who I am, where I came from, and what is the beat of my heart. It was a lot of fun even though i was not real interesting. My whole purpose was to show them the thing that the Lord has done in my life - all through my life - and in every detail. HE has always been faithful!

Back in the Piper study again and once again blown away. Today he showed me through the Word how Jesus died on the cross out of love and obedience for the Father. It was all to please the Father. I can totally relate to the pleasing part - the people pleaser that I am.

Surely he took up our infirmities
and carried our sorrows,
yet we considered him stricken by God,
smitten by him, and afflicted. Is. 53:4

My girls are very smitten by many boys older than they - usually my son's friends. I have even told certain ones that my daughter is so smitten Drew Lucas. He is such a great kid that I don't mind it at all. But by all means when I say smitten i mean it in a very positive sense, like enamored or awe-struck or puppy-loved. It is cute and sweet and just fun to watch.

So when I came to this verse about Jesus being smitten by God i was confused by the other words around it... "stricken by God and afflicted". In my mind how could God be smitten - the way i was thinking - and then strike him and afflict. So I looked up the Hebrew word for smitten and it was not what I was expecting. Nakah means to strike lightly or severely, hit, to hurt,, wound, pierce. Often notes a non-fatal blow. What in the world...........

Lord, I am so amazed and enamored and smitten as well by Your love for us - such a fallen people. You took Your very own, never sinning, faultless Son to do what we never could and to be what we never could be. Father, I once again fall face down before you and cry out Holy. Words are not coming today except for awe-struck! Why Lord, why! You know that I still fail so often, my motivations so often are vile, and my intentions not good. And yet - still You know all this and knew all this from the beginning of time!!!! and sent Jesus! You allowed his afflictions, Him to be smitten, and struck upon... His obedience and Your love - incomprehensible!

Father - I love you, I adore you, I am enamored by You, I am smitten, and I......I want more!! Show me Your glory today. Show me Your will and Your favor. Be thou near oh Gracious One!! You are highly esteemed! May I see Your Face!

Getting ready for tennis match today. Girls have EBA and Tucker has another game too. Tucker got abruptly called into the game yesterday - had to inherit another's count at bat. Then he had to play first. Friends were calling Clay left and right giving the play by play action. That was very thoughtful of them to do that since they know Clay would have done anything to be there, but couldn't! The Coach is incredible about playing all these 6th graders in very decisive games. He believes in them and see so much potential. Tucker's confidence has soared since Aug. 3 after have a horrible experience this summer. (The 8th grader jealous of these 6th graders getting to play and mouthing off and pushing some of them just might get smitten by the 6th grade mommas - if you know what i mean. We don't take that stuff. ha ha)

This is fun time of life, but so very hard as well. I love it, Lord!

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