Tuesday, September 22, 2009

762 - Prayers and Knowledge!

Once again - I don't know why in tarnation my eyes can never be open!

Hopefully I will be back on Friday - if not, Monday, if not - call me! ha!

Love to hear from you - thank you for praying for me! My 2nd daughter, Sarahjane, bawled her eyes out tonight worried for me! Please pray for her peace! She is a momma's girl!


Sallye said...


Praying for you. Question does your state do emergency certification? I know here, that if a Teacher is needed that is willing to go back to school for certification, that the state can do an emergency cerification, which allows you to teach and to go to school at the same time. If God has lighted/lite the path for you to walk on, He will also make they way for it to happen.

Anonymous said...


I will pray for you in this decision. My state also does a provisional certification which allows the teacher a specific amount of time to get the necessary education all the while teaching. It is worth checking into. Many blessings!
mary lynn

Sheryl said...


Just want you to know I'm praying for you.

I love coming to your blog and listening to you speak or reading what you have written.


Melissa May said...

Praying for you that as you seek His face and keep walking with Him with your focus on Him and not just His will that He will lead you to exactly where He wants you to be! Jesus, let Leigh rest in what a good Shepherd You are and in how good and creative You are at speaking to your children! : )

bethj said...

Leigh, I just love your vlogs/posts. You are such a natural and anointed speaker and have so much wisdom. I will pray for you about this decision, but just encourage you to continue to stay in God's word and prayer as you have been doing, so that overflow of living waters you give us readers will continue. This vlog was so right on, and very convicting and challenging...that "our love will abound more and more." A very timely word. Thanks, Leigh, and the Lord bless you!