Saturday, September 26, 2009

763 - STMM Premier Video

Don't you want to hire one of use for your next event???? We good and have a good time!!!

Love to hear from you!!!


Angie said...

Watch your yard with Natalie there!! Hide your plastic forks!!!

peggylee said...

Loved the video you girls made my night, thanks for your hard work and ministry. Always a joy.

Peggy Lee

Sheryl said...


Melissa May said...

What a crack up! You should have warned me to turn the volume down... I think you almost woke up my kids... : ) Just kidding! How fun to see you all together!!! God bless you girls!!!

(And HEY right back at 'cha!)

Anonymous said...

I need someone to help me champion this family. The need is too much for any one person but many giving just $5.00 would help. So I am asking that you send this link to your community of friends and ask them to just give something. They can send the link to their friends. Thanks. 1 John 3:17

P.S. You guys may not be the answer to this families needs....but you did make me laugh!

Shelly said...

Y'all are adorable. What a smile you must be on our God's face as you give Him the glory and delight in Him.